Epilogue (Five Years Later)

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   Y/N's POV

   With Rose off to her first day of kindergarten, Matthew, our other kid, was the only one with me and Thomas.

   I was pretty much in tears, while Thomas and Matthew were comforting me.

   "I miss her already," I sniffled, clinging onto Thomas' arm.

   "I know," Thomas chuckled, rolling his eyes.

   Matthew hugged me and nuzzled his head into my shoulder. Matthew was a tiny two-year-old that had my hair color, but it was slightly poofed. He had brown eyes and light brown skin.

   I smiled at my little one. "Heh. I love you, Matthew."

   "I love you too, Mommy!" he chirped.

   I held my two babs and smiled.

   I didn't really know what the future held, but I didn't really care, either. As long as I had Rose, Matthew, and Thomas, I would be okay.

   We would be okay.

   I turned to Matthew with a small smile. "Would you like some ice cream?"

   He nodded excitedly. "Obviously!"

   I chuckled and stood up, scooping some ice cream for him.

   We would be okay.

   I gave Matthew the cup.

   We would be okay.

   We would be okay.

   Matthew smiled, pretty much inhaling his ice cream. "I love you, Mommy!"

   I chuckled. "I love you too." 

   Thomas pulled me close to his chest, and I nuzzled into it, smiling.

   We would be okay.

   I couldn't wait for the years to come. What life would offer this family. The surprises at every corner. The love. Even the fighting. That would be okay, ad long as this family was together.

   And nothing could split us apart.

   We would be okay.

   I hope you enjoyed this book!! I'm making a Jamilton story next called "♡In Your Dreams♡." You should check it out once I start it!


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