SWMA | Serious Stink Issues

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The voice was soothing. So gentle.


It called me. It said my name, and I moaned in pleasure at the way my name rolled off its tongue.


It was a bit louder this time but that didn't change the way it made me feel.

I wanted to reach out and ask where that sensual voice was coming from. It was so tender, so sweet, so manly, so alluring, so-


I frowned. I've heard that voice from somewhere. It sounds oddly familiar.


Yes, yes, yes I have and it sounds very much like...


"What?!" I yelped as my body jolted at the impact and my eyes shot open. I consciously raised a hand to my tingling cheek and rubbed it.

My frown turned into a glare. "What is wrong with you?!"

"This is why it'll take two weeks to get to the railroad," he muttered and raised his kneeling figure off the ground. "We've already lost four hours of daylight thanks to you."

"Four hours? Really?" I sighed and sat straight before trying to rub the sleep out of my half-opened eyes. "How did you keep track of the time?"

"They invented a watch, Brenda," he said dryly.

I rolled my eyes and muttered under my breath. "Prick."

Jack didn't reply so I turned to see him sitting on the ground and shuffling through my backpack. My brows furrowed as I watched as he eagerly searched through its contents.

"What are you searching for?" I asked, straightening up.

"Food," he mumbled, not for a moment halting his movements.

"There's a water bottle at the side. Bring that one out too," I pointed out and eyed Jack who was more eager to find food than to bring out the water bottle.

He grunted and continued his search. Jack had this vigour look that made him appear hotter. His hair was dishevelled and his clothes were a bit crumpled but all the same, he was still quite the sight.

"Mmm...you're looking eatable this morning," I blurted out.


I clasped my hand over my mouth. Oops.

"Nothing," I stuttered, unable to find any reasoning for my stupid outburst. "I-I just said that, well I thought that you looked, you appeared to be...umm..."

"Forget it," he cut me off without even turning to look at me.

Great, now I feel like an idiot. I mentally scolded myself. No more expressing of appearances on his part. The guy is supposedly smart enough to know what he looks like each morning, dimwit.

"You kept all this inside?" he asked incredulously as he raised a big bottle of Coke and a bowl of sandwiches.

I shrugged as if it was no big deal. "Well yeah, I mean I had to be prepared in case of any misfortunes, like this one for example," I stated, got up from the ground and stretched.

"Well, at least you're smart enough to do that," Jack muttered under his breath speaking to only himself but I heard him loud and clear.

Idiot. I scoffed and blew out a breath but stopped abruptly as my eyes widened and heat began to crawl onto my cheeks.

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