I can’t believe I did it. I feel weird. Oh god! I can’t believe I had sex with a guy I don’t even know and we were practically drunk. I don’t even remember that night. I may be pregnant or have a disease. The only thing I know about the guy is that he is 17 and his name is Tyler. That’s all. We did it in a closet, at a college party with loud music and lots of people throwing up. I mean the sex was great, don’t get me wrong, but I hate the way I did it. I would have done it with a person I loved and it would have been special and romantic. But the way I did it was rough and not romantic at all, there were no candles and no roses. The next day I woke up at Nicky’s room. I had lots of bruises and I had his shirt on. I still have it. I wonder were my shirt and bra are right now. Probably the guys at the party took it and put it in a frame or something. That morning, Nicky gave me lots of Tylenol and water. Nicky doesn’t drink or smoke. She is the good girl.  That’s why I go to all the parties with her, she always takes me home. But I’m not a party animal or a drunk. I just like to go to parties and drink. This is the first time I do it, I am not the girl who sleeps around or is considered a whore at school. I am more of a regular student. I’m not that shy but I’m not in the group of the popular kids. I am in the middle, not so cool but not so geeky.

“Kate, I’m not going to be able to cook dinner tonight, I have a lot of work in the office.” Mom tells me while putting some lipstick on. “Is that ok with you?”

“I guess” I tell mom, looking to the floor.

“Honey, I know I haven’t been home lately, but you know that is because I’m working my ass these days so I can help you with college next year”.

“Yeah I know. I have to go to school. 1st day, remember?”

“Oh right, good luck hon. Love you” She tells me and blows me a kiss while I leave the house.

At last! I’m out of that house. I hate being home, I feel so alone and when my mom is there, which is almost never, she is always asking me lots of questions or complaining about work.

Shit. There’s only one seat in the bus and the person next to it is Luke Palatka. Eww, that guy is disgusting, he’s a pervert. Oh well, what other option do I have? Stay at home and not take the bus. That sounds great. But wait I can’t because I have to go to the most “amazing” school in the world.

“Hey” Luke says while giving me a wink.

“Hi” I say

“So, how was your summer Katie Kate?” Oh god! He has a boner. Did I mention that Luke is a disgusting little bastard?

“Ok, bye” I stand up quickly as the bus stops. I ran out of that bus. Phew! Jesus that was horrible. I look up and here I am, John F. Kennedy High School. I miss summer already. You can see by your left the cool kids; the IT couple is almost doing it in the bench, the football players are playing around and flirting, and the cheerleaders are pointing at girls who have horrible outfits and laughing. Can High School get any worse? 

“Kate, Hey” Nicky waves at me and smiles.

“What’s new? Besides this” I say, pointing at the school.

“Not much, well Marcus asked me out. We are going out this Friday” Nicky says with a big smile on her face.

“That’s great, finally he asked you out.” I say and sneeze. Ugh, the mixing of perfumes in the same hallway is horrible.

“So, what’s new with you? We haven’t talked since that morning after the party. That you rushed out of my house like you had something to do.” Nicky says and looks at Marcus, who is coming in from the front door. Marcus is one of the popular kids. He is in the football team and is loved by many girls in this school. Nicky is lucky that Marcus asked her out.

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