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~Don't be afraid to take whisks~❤️

Sam was sitting in the middle of his living room rug with papers of different sizes all around him. It was nine o'clock at night but he didn't seem to notice. His day had been spent in the same spot he was in, making changes and yelling at the men that he had hired to get the materials for the restaurant to start.

His phone was pressed to his ear with one hand and the other was making changes on a construction paper with a pencil, underneath the fluorescent light that was shining brightly.

"Uh huh. No it's not big enough. The breaks between each..uh huh. No. No, it's just not what I asked for! The sound it makes-cheap? I didn't ask for cheap, Peter. Don't assume. I want the real deal."

He was sporting an exasperated look on his face as he forced himself to listen to the contractor on the phone. If he squeezed the pencil any tighter, it would break in half.

"Peter. I gave very clear instructions. I want exactly what I asked for. Don't worry about the money, just get what I asked for. Do you understand that?"

He cut the call off afterwards and scrambled to his feet, getting his slippers. He was sure that he heard a soft knock on the door minutes back. It never came again.

But when he opened the door, there was no one there. Puzzled, he shut it behind him and went to look down the stairs. Different set of footsteps were fading as he went closer.

His heart raced at the thought that he considered impossible. It can't be her.


She stopped walking and turned around quickly, clutching her purse in both hands. "Hey.. I just wanted to see you..I was nearby and I thought.." she trailed off, and breathed deeply "you didn't say that I couldn't-I saw your car parked outside."

He walked down the stairs slowly, keeping his eyes open so she wouldn't disappear behind his lids. "I've been burned once. Are you really here?"

"I'm not sure. I shouldn't be.." She said, leaning against the wall behind her. Their gazes held and the tightness that had been in her chest for weeks loosened up. He looked even better up close than in her dreams and memories. Her skin craved the touch of his hands and the feeling that only he could give her.

"I don't want you to be a dream." He went closer and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her off the wall.

The moment his cheek touched hers, he exhaled in relief. Her skin on his calmed his soul in a way that nothing else could have. The dreams he'd been having melted away to make way for the physical. She was real, in the flesh. And she was holding on to him.

She let him hold her for a few minutes, lost in the magic that was rekindled between them in that moment. The words were on the tip of her tongue and tried as she did, she couldn't swallow them.

"I love you.." she said softly, her voice breaking. He shuddered involuntarily as her confession ran course through his body. Instead of euphoria, it brought guilt back to the surface.

I don't deserve you.

"I love you more.. So much." He pulled away and looked at her as she tilted her head. His face had smudged her tears on one side.

He swiped his thumb under her eyes to get at them, before lifting her chin at level with his. "It's hard, being here without you."

"It's necessary. We're not good for each other.." She wrapped her fingers around the hand under her chin and removed it gently. "It's never going to work."

"Zelah, I need you. I'm losing my mind not knowing how you are or what you're doing. Please.. give me another chance. We can work through whatever, as long as we're together-"

"You cheated after our first fight. You don't have to tell me, I saw it the moment I looked at you" she shook her head and moved away from him, "You claim to love me. But the first woman you laid your eyes on, you had sex with her."

Her words pricked his heart, because they were true. He freaked out and did the unthinkable, with a woman that wasn't the one he wanted. It burned through his head incessantly, causing a headache. "I made a mistake."

"Your mistake broke both of our hearts. Learn to deal." She squeezed her purse and focused on his chest, clad in a grey tee shirt with some coffee stains.

"Why are you here, Zelah? Is this a part of my punishment? Because of it is, I deserve it. There's nothing worse than watching you walk away from me for the second time."

She didn't answer, her heart speeding up in fury. He came closer and cornered her at the bottom of the stairs.

"You're an idiot" she whispered, closing her eyes. They were moist and she couldn't afford to cry. It would break her down.

"Yes. But this idiot loves you. And he's prepared to die if you're going to kill him after this." With that, he bent lower to capture her lips with his. Her purse dropped to the floor as she pressed her palms to his shoulders.

It was to stop him initially but her lips parted involuntarily, letting him in. He took advantage and delved deeper, not pausing to breathe. The natural smell of his skin invaded her senses as he moved closer, distracting her from her thoughts.

"Stay.." He brushed his lips along the side of her jaw down to her neck, gently sucking on her skin. Her lips tingle from his kisses and she struggled to focus.

"I shouldn't."

"I love you, Zelah. I love you. I need you." He hugged her tightly, burying his face in her hair and she fought harder against the tears that were threatening to pour.

"Sometimes that's not enough, Sam."


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