Chapter 11

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I've never felt disturbed and completely experienced such a gruesome death. My mind was blended with glass of her memory reflecting how much regret that I didn't save her. She was innocent. And our only hope finding about Ned and the cults.

"God I'm sorry you have to see it. Cap, isn't going to like it." Juniper sighed pausing from typing into her keyboard and faced us.

"Are you sure you can handle it? I could just tell-"

"No. I've faced bullies before and I'm gonna face my consequences. Hopefully."

I went into the office and sat on the chair as a fox of paws clicked against the tiles, sniffing timidity. And I knew its Cap.

"I assure you its-"

She raised a dismissive hand.

"Your job, is to hunt killers, protect, finding out the cults and you say... This dominion and supernatural witchcraft.

"I assigned you to a simple job and you failed. We have no evidence that bring justice. You called the squad and the crew for nothing!" She rapped her knuckles on the table.

"I saw what I saw Cap. Cain and I discovered there is a connection of the rune stone, cultists and Lorena Dutch!"

"How did you know about her?" She sneered.

"We... -I found it in the shelves at the dark room. I knew it had a connec-"

"Are you questioning my authority?" She raises her voice.

"N-No! I'm not, Captain. I was telling an honest truth. If we figured we dig something related to the case then we would've solved the case."

"My orders, are not yours. Your job, is to track the cults, find the killer of Ned and the wanted killers that are still on the loose. That you haven't solved yet! Do I make myself clear?

"For once, get your head into focus on reality not fantasy Officer Greene..." She rubbed he temples and sighed.

"I couldn't do anything but to take you out of the job."

"What!? Cap-"

"People are getting killed Ana. And they need justice to serve. Don't waste looking for deeper history and the things I didn't assign you."

"Please, this is my job. More than anything,"

She waved a hand massaging her temples. As panic of compassion died every fibre in my body. I left the office taking one last glance at Cain, with a look of concern on his face. I simply ignore it.


I walked out of the building and stopped outside for a breather. Being a cop doormat make you badass or some fairytale white knight.

Its your job to protect and to serve justice and solving mysteries that you shoot the target. It wasn't always easy for me. But its my burning passion that I believe in since I was little.

"Whimpering like a dog?" Darren stood behind me as I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?"

"I heard tea and I followed the steam and it lead me right here. Look, I don't know how to handle pep talks but... Hey, you're still the best Marshall.

"Don't worry about Cap, she's just too busy being a night owl investigating sitting on the computer. But she's trying to be the best Captain. Bear with her."

I nodded as his name called inside and went back. For a while Cain approached me with a stoic look.

"Go ahead. Say what-"

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