First Day in School

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I was in a deep sleep when I heared a familer voice singing then i remember it's my alarm clock that is playing my sister Crystal Song Crystal From The Block (A/N: Becky G - Becky From The Block) I love hearing my sister voice when she's not home. Crystal is always gone i haven't seen her in a week i do miss her. I was looking a my blue walls that has snowflakes designs that my parents did before we moved here. Both Of my parents died 4 years ago in a car crash in downtown LA there was no survivers from both cars. I was snapped out og my thought when i hear a knock & Anna's Voice "Elsa is time to get up you don't want to be late on the first day of senoir year do you" "augh.....No Anna I don't" I grunted of what Anna said first day of school. I was kicked out of my old school for beating up 4 girls who tryed to hurt Anna & Talking so much shit about my family being drug trafficer's which i know it was stupied to fight them about the drug thing but when it comes to my sisters i'll fight them. Crystal our eldest sister told use "The way to survive is to fight even if they talk to much shit dale en la Madre" (A/N: They all Speak Spanish just to let you all know) My Sister was the bad ass in our family my parents didnt want me or Anna to be like crystal but i wanted to be like her.I got up from Bed took a quick shower & got dressed I But on some Black skinny Jeans, My Black leather boots that go up to my knee , a icy Blue crop top that showed a lil bit of my stomach & a lether crop jacket. I didmy hair in a french Braid & did a smokey pueple eye make-up & wine color lip gloss. "I hate school why do i have to go back to that Hell hole why" I got a dark Blue Bandana & tied it around my head, I wasn't happy to go back to school again i hope i don't get in to much trouble while i'm there. I ran down stairs to the dinning room i saw all the servants putting the food on the table i smelled Chocolate pancakes, Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Strawberries. Oh did i mention that we live in a Mansion, I see Anna was already eatting ahead of me. "Goodmorning Anna" "Goodmorning Elsa La Chola" Anna & i started giggleing cause anna never liked talking in spanish. "So how do feel going back to our old barrio in Inglewood" " I'm excited even though it's only like 45 mins away from Beverly hills though, I hope i don't see our 20 tio's there but i get to see our cousin Olaf there"  Olaf is his street name it's is Initials are Oscar Lamar Alejandro Fernadez. He was only 13 years old but he loved actting like a cholo but even though my auntie didn't want him to be like all of us. I finished my food brushed my teeth, Waved good bye to Everyone including Anna & got on My MotorCycle put my helmet & Rode of to school. I was thinking about if Anna can handle these rich school's even though she wanted to come to Inglewood with me but Crystal wanted both of use to go to that spoiled rich school she let me go to Inglewood High to see how it is & see if i like it & in a week she might or maybe days she'll enroll Anna in school.




  I was eatting Breakfest with my sister Emma who's only 14 yr's old & she is starting in a new school that our parents enrolled her in I didn't want her to go to this rich school even though we can affored it but i didn't want to go to a rich school even though my mom wanted to me to go to school here in beverly hills. "Hey Jack what are you thinking about brother...excited to go back to Inglewood" Emma Said "No not really just thinking about how mom & dad aren't here to tell us, well me, don't get in to trouble  " I told Emma but i  saw her face that looked sad when i talk about Mom & Dad. We lost our parents in a Car Crash in Downtown LA 4 Yr's ago i do miss them even though they been gone for that long. Since my parents owned a company that made Whiskey which is doing pretty good. I was next to take over since both of them aren't here anymore i have to take over when i'm done with High School. "Jack.....Do you think mom & dad are watching over us even though they always told us To Believe in God & He Will Guide you" Emma was on the verge of crying i put my hand on her shoulder that made her look at me & told her "Hey, Hey They will always be with us, Do you think they would just leave like that with out watching over us"  I said, Emma Just smiled at me while a tear fell from her cheek "Well it looks like the bad boy does have a heart for a Girl that broke down" Emma told me while smileing at me. "Shut up Emma i wouldn't comforte anyone else that i don't know & besides your my sister so that's that" I said looking at her with no emotion what so ever. "Damn.....I'm going to be late & on the first day fuck" "Hey what the rush it's not like it's that far from here is it" Emma Said. "it's like 45 mins away from Beverly hills to Inglewood so yeah i'm out.." I just put on my a white t-shirt with a lether jacket & Black Jeans & my dark Blue Converse & waved bye to Emma & the servants & got on my Motorcycle & made the engine roar then Drove out of the Mansion's drive way & headed to school. When i saw a light blue Motorcycle coming out from the mansion from across my house i wonder who can that dude be.


*At School*

When I got to the school parking lot i've notice that Dark Blue MotorCycle was parked next to mines & i saw it coming out the House across from mine. Every boy was calling me dude & saying " Nice Bike Bro " & "How many girls do you get with this bad boy" when i took my helment off they looked shocked & i told the "Um....who's your bro & I don't get any cause that wierd from me now if you excuse me i have to go & don't touch my bike or i will cut you ok güey."  I was walking to the entrance of the school i can hear crystal's new song "Play it again" (A/N: Becky G- Play it Again) I see people do like her new song here. I walked in & people were looking at me girls gave me dirty looks & Boys were whistling & calling me baby I just ignore them & walkedto the principles office when i bumped in to something or Someone "oh i'm so sorry are you ok" a bubbly voice said "No no I'm fine really i'm just okay" I told her while getting up & dusting myself off. "Hi i'm Rapunzel De La Rosa but my friends call me punzie." Punzie said she was wearing a pink bandana on her head, A Purple long short sleeves & White high waisted shorts with black flate shoes. " I-i'm Elsa Winters i just moved to this school" I told her. "Nice to meet you.....Do you know yor last name is like the singer Crystal Winter's." Punzie told me & felt my heart race cause i don't know if i should tell her that crystal is my sister or not but i lied."Really i-i Didn't know that i had a famous last name." I said giggling but i know i can't tell no one about Crystal or my power's cause i can lose control of my powers again & I don't want that to happen again. Me & Punzie got our classes & Locker Numbers & walked out of the office. "So what is your locker Number & first class" Punzie told me "It's Number 130 & my first class is Math." I said "Oh my number is 403 & i have english class" Punzie said with a sad tone. "Hey but we have the last 3 classes together don't we" I said with a happy voice & a warm Smile, she smiled back at me. "Yeah  your right Elsa, I'll see you in music class i'm going to find my friends bye Elsa" "Bye Punzie" I waved at her & let out a sigh & started walking to my locker when i bumped in to someone again augh really.........

*Author's Note*

Ok Here's the 1st Chapeter i  hope you guys love it cause it took me all night to write this story & i'm not going to lie i was falling asleep while i was writing this & the reason i choose Becky G's music be cause she's from Inglewood where i use to live for awhile & i loved everything there & She is like an OG from way back lol Well tell me how i did & If you want the Chapter 2 like right now Comment & tell me you want more ok guys Love you & I'm Out of the bitch Güey adios.

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