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Michael ran his hands up and down your back in a soothing manner. He whispered comforting words into your ear as he did so.

You whimpered slightly. You were in so much emotional pain - it was hard to explain it. Michael kissed your head before sighing.

"I know it's hard, baby," he breathed. "But we'll be fine. We'll be okay,"

"What if I don't get over my depression and anxiety?" you questioned as the tears ran down your face. "Will you leave me?"

"Stop talking nonsense, (Y/N)," he shook his head. "Always remember that I love you, and nothing is ever going to change how I feel about you,"

You smiled a little, sitting up so that you could look at him. He moved his eyes to land on yours, breaking into a smile himself.

"I'll always love you, (Y/N) Jackson," he winked. "And I'll never stop," he whispered reassuringly into your ear.

Michael always managed to make you feel at ease, even when you were deeply troubled. And that was the beauty of your relationship with him.


Later that evening, you were seated on the large bed, waiting for your husband to return from rehearsals. You fiddled with your fingers nervously. With each moment that passed - you become more worried about him.

You always did this. You always worried about him. Several moments passed before you decided to turn the radio on.

At first, the radio announcer was speaking - and you couldn't quite understand what he was saying until you heard the words that made your blood run cold.

Michael Jackson has just been shot, in what looks to be an attempted murder.

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