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You held your groceries in your hand, letting out a sigh as you reached the cashier line. The person in front of you had their items scanned, and after a moment - it was your turn.

I hope I have enough to purchase all these items.

You bit your lip nervously. You had recently lost your job - and at present moment, you needed to live sparingly. It was difficult, but you pulled through.

The cashier scanned your items as you observed the final cost on the screen. Once the cashier was done, she turned to look at you.

"That'll be $30, ma'am," she smiled slightly.

Your eyes widened as you grabbed your small purse from your handbag. A frown formed on your face when you realized that you were five dollars short.

"I'm five dollars short," you sighed, looking for an item to put back.

"What would you like me to put back?" the cashier responded politely. You couldn't decide - you needed it all.

A moment passed before a soft male voice spoke from behind you.

"I've got it,"

You turned around to see a masked man, a surgical mask covering his mouth. He wore a fedora hat, and his shirt, along with his pants, were smart. He paired the outfit with black penny loafers, and white socks. You frowned a little. He seemed so...familiar.

"Oh no, sir," you shook your head. "I couldn't-"

"I said I've got it," you heard him chuckle before fishing out his credit card from the pocket of his pants. He handed it to the cashier, and you had no choice but to pack your bags.

After the man had paid for the items, he paid for his own as well. You stood at the exit, waiting for him to be done so that you could thank him.

Eventually, he had finished paying for his items, and when he bumped into you at the exit - you saw his eyes widen.

He had beautiful eyes.

"Sir, I just...wanted to thank you," you spoke softly. "For what you did out there for me,"

"No problem," you saw his eyes light up a bit before he walked past you.


With that, he left the supermarket - and you still didn't know whom he was.


Later that day, you were laying in your bed when your telephone rang. You groaned in frustration, mainly because you had been attempting to take a nap. Depression and anxiety consumed you whole, and sleeping was a temporary escape.

You sat up and shifted your body nearer to the bedside table, picking up the telephone receiver.

"Hello?" you answered with a groggy tone.

"(Y/N)! Girl!" you best friend, Luisa, chirped from the other side, making you chuckle slightly.

"Luisa?" you sighed. "Girl, what do you want?"

"Guess who bought us tickets to the Michael Jackson concert?!" she squealed. "I did!"

"What?" you rubbed your eyes.

"Well I didn't really buy them, I won them, and now I have two!" she giggled. "And I want you to come with me!"

"Luisa, I don't have the money to be going out," you breathed.

"That's the thing! I can pay for our bus fare - and the tickets are free! I won them for us! It's at seven, this evening. Please tell me that you'll come with me!"

You sat there, contemplating for a long moment. A change of scenery would have been nice.

"Fine," you laughed softly. "I'll come with you,"


Once you had gotten off the phone with Luisa, you had taken about an hour to freshen up. She had arrived at your house, and waited for you to get ready.

At present moment, however, the two of you were at the backstage meet and greet area. The concert was over, and the night was magical. Michael was marvelous, and you had to admit that you admired him a great deal.

Of course, Luisa and yourself didn't possess backstage passes - but she had managed to pull you along with her discreetly.

When the guards weren't looking, she quickly pulled you into a room - shutting the door behind her.

"What the hell? We were literally at the meet and greet area!" you exclaimed.

"Sh! Security would have checked our tickets - and news flash, we don't have any!"

You groaned, running your fingers through your hair. You couldn't imagine how much trouble the two of you were in.

Suddenly, the door opened - revealing a male figure. You turned your head, and scanned the individual.

A second passed before your eyes widened when you realized whom it was.

Michael Jackson.

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