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"So i heard a lil someone wanna fight me. Since its on sight how bout i save you some time and pull up. Just drop an adress and i will sho nough be there, trust and believe. Since you wanna spread rumors because i didnt ever put my hands on anybody. SO DROP THE ADDRESS!"
kingkayliee: ill pull up bitch!

User1: omm she went off

User2: u betta sit yo ass down bc i know its over for u😂

babvy.jasx: oh hunty, check yo dms bc im never afraid, NEVER!

User3: this bitch is too bold

User4: jas will beat yo ass

User5: we all know u gon win ily

User6: ily

User7: lame hoe

ybnnahmir: oh so you didnt put yo hands on me? BET!

User8: ur beautiful

User9: i THOUGHT u were a nice girl but nvm

User10: get yo ass beat then!

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