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Jeno walked into the nightclub the smell of alcohol and sweat filling making its way into his nose while loud music was pounding in his ears. As he walked around he was surprised that it was still open.

He walked over to the bar.

"Hey um excuse me sir have you seen my step brother Lee Donghyuck?" Big mistake "We come here often and I'm sure you know who he is"

The bartenders eyes widened but quickly went back to normal.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm new here although I'm sure the others know him." As soon as he was about to open the door Jeno quickly questioned him.


"What" the bartender turned around.

"Can I have your name please?"


"Please?" Jeno looked desperate enough to get the answer.

"Winwin and you?"

"Jeno and thank you for your time Winwin" Jeno looked at the older with a grin as well as a eye smile.

"Yeah yeah" Winwin opened the door to the staff room and entered where everyone else was.

"Guys we have a visitor" Winwin smirked.

"Who is it? Is he or she sexy?" One of them smirked mischievously but let out a yelp when someone punched his arm.

"I don't think this is sex time Lucas! It's almost four in the morning for gods sakes" one of them yelled.

"saythattoirene" Lucas mumbled

The other stood up

"What did you say?"



"Sorry Taeil" the two hung their heads low and went back to their seats.

"You were saying"

"Oh right, so the guy named Lee Donghyuck that Taeyong hyung kidnapped, well um you see his stepbrother is looking for him and I believe their family is going to call the police looking for him so we have to take him quick" Winwin pleaded.

"He's outside, right now so... what the fuck do I do?"


"I'm right here" A soft teddy bear looking boy came out of his little corner"

"We have a mission for you, we need your help"

"Got it"

"Okay great so say the other workers that were here took their shift off, try to start a conversation with him and try to get some information out of him, and maybe try to get his number"

"Okay? Are you sure this is going to work?"

"Uh yeah! When have my plans ever gone wrong?!"

"Since always, no offense Mr. Milk" Lucas giggled after he said his little nickname

"I can always give you my milk" one guy said coming back with a bottle of beer slowly unzipping his pants.

"Ew gross Johnny!" A blond boy with a mullet dramatically waved his hands in the air.

"Zip it Yuta or else I won't zip my pants" he took another chug of his beer and chucked it against the wall once he finished it, enjoying the view of shattered glass and little droplets of the leftover drink.

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