Chapter 36

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"Wait Jack, I can't do this"

"Do what? Be happy for once in your life?"

"You know what I mean"

"No Sky, I really don't have a clue what you mean"

"Hayes is right"

"You're not making any sense"

"I am a slut" I clarify

"He said that?" Jack says clenching his fists "I'm gonna knock him out" He says walking away from me.

"No wait! He was joking! I'm just saying, he's right"

"You're not a slut, Amy is a slut"

"Jack be serious. I've dated 2 of you, really liked 4 of you and kissed 5 of you"

"Dated Matt and Hayes, kissed me, Taylor, Nash, Hayes and Matt and really liked Taylor, Matt, Hayes and?"


"I'm flattered" He jokes "Well just so you know, I really like you too but if you don't want this I completely understand. I can see it in your eyes, you're falling for Matt aren't you?"

"I can't let myself"

"If you don't want to then I won't let you" He nudges me with his torso "Sis" He winks

"I just kissed you and you're calling me sis"

He shudders "Ew"

"Don't tell me you'd forgotten about it already!" I laugh

"I'd never forget you Sky" He takes my hand "Come on"

"Where to?"

"Back to your house duh" He says as if it was an obvious answer.


We arrive back to find Nash sitting on the concrete steps leading up to my front door. I take a deep breath and walk towards him. He looks up, fear in his eyes.

"Sky I-" He starts

"I don't want to talk Nash. I thought you were my best friend" I say walking past him into the house.

"I am!" He yells behind me

"You're back!" Taylor says standing to greet me.

"Yeah, Jack and I went to the beach"

"How romantic" Amy smirks from the corner of the sofa

"And you're still here because...?" I sass

"You can't kick me out"

"Who's house is this again?" I stand hands on hips.

"Your dad's and he prefers me to you anyway so I'm sure he'd rather get rid of you, not me" Amy says standing to match my eye level.

I can't help but laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"He hates you. He only tolerates you because I liked you"


"Yeah, as in past tense"

"Whatever Sky, you can't make me leave"

"No she can't!" Matt backs her up. Of course, why did I expect anything less? "But we can"

"Mattie, you don't want me gone" She says in her stupid little girl voice, batting her eyelashes.

"But Sky does"

"You can't hurt me, I'm a girl" She spits

"You're really going to fight against 10 boys?" Matt backfires

"I'm a girl, I don't fight."

"In other words, you're too scared" I say

"I don't know the meaning of scared"

"Do you realise how dumb that makes you sound?"

"Whatever" She says scanning her fingernails.

Nash comes downstairs carrying a suitcase. I didn't even see him come in and go up there. He throws it down next to Amy.

"Here, you can leave now" He says

"Is that how you treat a lady?"

"You're no lady" He spits back

"Do you all want me to go?" She asks to everyone. They all nod. All but Shawn.

"See Shawn doesn't want me to go" Amy speaks up "So I guess I'll have to stay"

Shawn must see my not-so-subtle eye roll and clears his throat.

"I think you should leave Amy."

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