Chapter four

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Recap: Janki is influencing Ragini even on her working place. Adarsh and Sanskaar were questioning Laksh about his love...

Janki was caressing Ragini's back. "Laado how you feel? Is everything fine? Are they harassing you?". She was continuously asking her and trying to show her in laws as bad human beings.

Ragini shook her head. "No Maa, in fact they are all so nice. You know Maa today was my first Rasooi, but I forgot and they didn't scold me no Laksh said I can do the ritual some other time or tonight!". She was happy and playing with her shawl a bit nervous. She bites on her thumb nail and looked at her mother. "He is very caring!". She blushes and Janki fumes.

"Ragini don't think much about him. He isn't Mister perfect. He knows about your work and the difficulty about your schedule. How dare he to demand to you, to cook for him or the family when you will come late at home?". Janki was again brainwashing Ragini and trying to confuse her by her words.

"Ragini just think, you will come home late and exhausted from work, then you should cook and do the household work where is there the fairness? Laksh has an office work that too his own father's business. He can take a leave whenever he wants but you can't you are dependent on the work schedules the chief MD gave to you! You have to show Laksh that you are a working woman not a housewife, he has to learn to be independent!". She was holding her face. "Ragini don't forget yourself! You are a human not his servant!". She kisses her forehead and left from there.

Ragini went to the changing room and made her routine round. She was lost in her thoughts when a nurse called her. Is mom right? Does I think too much? I'm a doctor I have working life and Laksh understood it, he is letting me work and earn my own money. I'm independent and I should cook after work? Why so?. When I will come home then it will be late, I will be tried and I will be hungry. Then too I should cook, no way!.

"Ma'am please!". She shook her shoulder and Ragini looked up. "Haan!". Ragini was confused. "What?". The nurse looked at her. "Doctor Ragini a Patient is calling for you!". Ragini looked at her. "What? For me, but why?". The nurse shrugs and left from there.

At Khanna Mansion

"Nani Maa how are you?". A smiling boy well dashing man come in. "Laksh Beta you here? What a pleasant surprise!". He goes to her and sat on the ground next to her lap. "Nani can I put my head on your lap?". She twists his ear. "You are asking, huh. Come rest your head!". She caresses his head and gave him a massage. "How was her rasooi?". She was excited to know, but Laksh doesn't had anything to report. "Nani we both woke up late and then she got late and I told her she can repeat it anytime!".

Nani found it bad. "She missed her first Rasooi that is not good, it's all because of Janki, she and her control over Ragini's life. My daughter needs to be independent!". Laksh didn't cared about Janki much he loves to spent his time with Nani. "Nani if I could I would have adopted you!". He smiles and she confused. "What adopted me? Why and how?".

Laksh looked at her. "Haan I would have adopted you from Janki Maa the dictator! And I would have kept you save, no one would be able to hurt you! I think in America you can do this for a day. But I would do it permanently!". He kisses her forehead and both started to laugh. "Now tell me why are you here?". Laksh smiles at her. "Hehe you caught me! Woh Ragini has her first working day after the marriage I don't want her to make anything as she would be very tired. Can you please tell me her favourite food!". He was begging and she nods having a smile on her face.

"Haan Laksh her favourite food is Pizza or Past, Desi too but there she likes it more...". She stopped and looked at him. "What Nani please say!". Nani shook her head. "Laksh you are a Malwari but we are not, she loves to eat fish and meat... less vegetables!". She lowered her gaze and Laksh places his hand on hers. "Nani it's okay. I had known it before the marriage and in the family everyone else too. We are aware of it and have no problems!". He kisses her hands and left from there.

In the evening

Ragini was waiting for Laksh to pick her up. He finally arrived and she was stamping with her feet's in anger. "Laksh you!". She opens the car door and slammed is close in anger. "I'm also happy to see you!". Ragini glares at him and shows on the watch. "Nice, Micheal Kors, let's be honest I'm a good husband! After all I bought it you!".

She was shocked and fumes in anger. "Laksh, Really now you wanna say what's your and what is mine?". She turns her face away in anger and stared out of the window.

Laksh was numb. Shit what I did...?.

Laksh drove home and she was angrily entering the house. AP saw her and was happy. "Ragini finally you come!". She hold her hand. "Maa I'm not a servant I won't cook after a hectic work schedule, you should know that being a doctor I have many responsibilities toward my patients not anyone else!". She was shouting that too without any reason this made someone fuming. "Ragini!". She frighten and turns to him. "Laksh?".

Laksh come to her and hold her tight. "Maa is just happy to see after so many hours, but you took the wrong impression of her care, what is wrong with you?".

Ragini looked at him. "You shout on me? Why Laksh? Don't I have the right to speak up what is in my mind? Don't I have the right to take rest after a hard schedule, do I need to cook for the rest of the family, while everyone is at home and could have done it!". She was crying and Laksh come to console her.

"Ragini no one has asked you to cook! Mom just said that finally you come! She didn't said it badly or hurtingly to you? No there was care and love soundable for me, but for it was an order! Btw Haan you have the right to rest!". He left from there and AP tried to stop him. "Laksh? Uff that boy what should I do with him!".

Ragini looked at her. "It's all your fault!". She was blaming AP for everything, but AP didn't mind it. "Ragini are you hungry?". She nods and AP took her hand and made her sit on the table.

Laksh was in his room and punching his anger on a punching back. Stupid Ragini.

Ragini looked on the plate. It was pasta arrabbiata. Her mouth was watering. She started to eat without anyone's present.

"Wah Devrani ji. You got the food handmade from your hubby. Look at us, we are married for so many years and what we got till date? Thenga {Nothing}!".

The food got stocked into her throat. "Laksh made this?". She asked innocently...

All nods toward her...
Angry Laksh
Hmm Ragini has to do something...


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