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I slept well in Jungkook's arms. But I was aching as FOk.

I snuggled closer to jungkook, to soo later here the sound of a camra. 

I groaned shifting a bit.

"Heheh, this is going to be good."

WHat a SeconD.

"Take another one!"

"Shh not so loud! You'll wake them up!"

ThOSe Are Familar VoiCEs.

I decided to pretented to sleep a bit.

"Ok do another one." I heard before the sound of someon's movement neared me.

"Yah! What the Fuck ARe you doing?!"

"SHiet we've been caught!" Taehyung exclaimed.

"Y/n, you do know you're exposed, right?" He said looking down at my chest.

"Y-yah you perv!" I said hugging the blanket to my chest.


I felt a body move next to me. Oh yeah, I waas sleeping with Jungkook.


He moaned. 

"Why are you up so early." he said in a deep voice.

"Why were you sleeping with Y/n?" Jimin as cheekily to JUngkook.

"huh- oh I fu-"

I covered his mouth, "He had a nightmare!"

"No, we had sex!"

Right now I just wanted the cut his beautiful face off.

Both taehyung and Jimin were now laughing their asses off.


A/n: This story is comin tioan end. Maybe. I am now going to do requests for this story. You can comment on this chapter for a request. I'll do my best to satisfy you! Oh and a new book is coming out too! it is called Thin Walls.

Heres a Preview:

"What do you want from me?!"

"You." he answered stepping closer to me.

"N-no stay back!"

"I know you want this honey."

" I refuse to be one of you sluts."


He slammed my he to wall, kissing me roughly. I tried pushing him away, but he just held my hands above my head.

"I will get you one day, Kim Y/n," He said before leaving the room.

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