Chapter Thirty-Six

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The entire class swarmed over Evie's unconscious body despite Ms. Rhodes frantically dismissing us as she squatted over her passed out student. While everyone was focused on snapping photos and whispering among one another, I was one of two who ran out to get the school's nurse. By the time I got back, mostly everyone was flooding into the locker rooms to get their stuff while a few were being nosy and standing over Evie. I wanted to stay back for her brother's sake, but Ms. Rhodes reassured me she'd get the hell she needed and I reluctantly left class, still dressed in my leotard and loose skirt.

Now, as I'm on my way back to the dorm, I can't stop wondering what could have possibly made Evie and act out like that before passing out cold on the floor on my way back to the dorms. When I first started dance class she was at the top and rumored to be Ms. Rhodes favorite. I even admired her. Her technique was damn near breathtaking and she oozed confidence I still lack. But somehow over the past few weeks she's been skipping class and incredibly irritable whenever she does rarely show up. I don't know her well enough to even guess what made her faint or act so out of character, but maybe it was stress from the upcoming showcase or a personal matter. Either way I hope she gets the help she needs.

I walk straight to Finn and Blue's room to deliver the news if he hasn't already been notified. The door is unlocked when I push it open. Inside the room, they're both sitting the edge of Blue's tiny twin bed. Finn's warm laughter fills the room. They're talking and actually getting along. I can't help but be taken aback because I didn't think Blue would allow Finn on his bed, let alone have a conversation with him that didn't end in him losing his cool and kicking him off. He is the moodiest and meanest boy I know. And I love every inch of him.

"You've gotta let me play it. I bet it'll sound kick-ass with the band," Finn says in admiration and I notice him stroking a white and silver guitar laying across Blue's lap. I step inside the room but they're both so distracted by the guitar. Wait, isn't that the guitar he and I were gawking at at the music store a while back? Why wouldn't he tell me he ended up getting it? He was so infatuated by it, and so was I.

"If you try and touch this, I will not hesitate to chop your hands off," Blue hisses and then lowers his voice. "And I will not be using this when we play." There's a slight edge of melancholy in his voice.

"What? Why not? It's basically made for performing." Finn gasps with shocked wide eyes.

"Because I said so, now drop it."

I decide to make my presence known and clear my throat. The boys look over at me. Blue quickly darts his eyes away and strums his fingers on the guitar strings. I'm hurt and confused by what's making him so gloomy, but I push the feelings away and look at Finn.

"Hey, Lily. What's up?" He grins.

"I don't know if anyone has notified you yet, but your sister is in the nursing office."

His smile drops off his face and his eyes widen. "What? My phone's been acting up for a while; I didn't hear anything." I watch his jaw practically fall to the floor as rushes to stand up. "What—do you know what happened?" He asks in a flustered voice as he sprints to the closet and shoves his feet in a pair of sneakers. I can feel the urgency in his glassy hazel eyes.

"She fainted in class, but I have no idea why. We were rushed out of the room when the nurse got there. It happened a few minutes ago. She should still be there if it isn't serious and she's rushed to the hospital" I tell him, and he nods and repeatedly thanks me before rushing out of the room. I jump at the sound of the door slamming shut behind him. His deep love for his sister both warms my heart and sends a chill of anxiety through my body. Now I really hope she turns out to be okay.

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