I laugh, nodding. "Yes, you so did."

She smiles wolfishly, fist pumping the air. "Fuck yeah!"

Satisfied she doesn't think terribly of me, I go back to getting dressed. I make sure my shirt is neatly tucked into my pants before slipping on my cardigan. I sit at my desk that's beside hers and carefully run a brush through my hair.

My plan for today is to of course attend dance class and my regular classes, but to study the moment I'm back in the room. Now that Blue and I have settled our differences enough to establish a friendship, I feel like I can let go of a breath and finally get back on track with school. I know our 'friendship' is more mutual tolerance for each other, but I wasn't lying when I said I enjoyed him when he isn't being a rude ass.

"Lily?" she says after a while of comfortable silence.

"Yeah?" I'm swiping on a few coats of cherry lip-balm.

"You and Blue at the lounge party..." she trails off and my cheeks heat up, recalling the rather heated moment between him and I on her bed. Oh Gosh, I hope she doesn't remember seeing him behind me, or how I was topless and probably out of breath, but in the best way possible.

"That was nothing," I tell her, rushing my words so it probably sounds like I'm lying, but I am telling the truth.

According to him and my common sense, what went down was nothing short of the result of poor judgement, raging hormones, and alcohol-laced drinks. Plus, he drank more than me and I was experiencing being intoxicated for the first time. Neither of us really wanted that kiss to happen, not me at least. I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to mess around with the 'prude' to scratch off his bucket list or something. Asshole. But, we've agreed to not talk about the kiss and that it means nothing to either of us.

"Are you sure? There's nothing wrong with you two messing around —"

"There is no messing around," I cut off her insane talk with a wave of my hand. She raises a skeptical eyebrow and I nervously look around. "I'm serious, there's nothing happening between us." We only kissed. Once. Drunkenly. I was not thinking straight, but I am now and I won't let anything actually happen between us ever again. We're friends. And friends don't make out with each other.

"Do you want something to happen between you two?" she asks.

"No, of course not." Why does she sound like she wants there to be something between him and I? "I was barely aware of what was going on that night, to be honest. Not that I'm saying he took advantage of me, but I... I drank some of the punch that was apparently laced with alcohol." I roll my eyes and continue. "Finn took me here to sleep it off, and that's when Blue and..." I pause. I almost gave away his and Evie's relationship — or whatever they're doing — away. "Blue and some girl came in. Story short, he was touching me one second and the next his lips were on mine."

My cheeks feel hot as the memory of that night plays across my mind. I can still feel his cold rings brush against my bare waist, his addicting mouth on mine; hear the low rumble from his chest as I ran my fingers through his hair...

"Hello? Earth to Lily." Riley snaps her fingers, bringing me back to the present. She's smirking, having caught me daydreaming about that kiss, and I flush and stare at my slightly trembling fingers in my lap. I hate the way my body is reacting to the thought of that night. I just wish I could erase it from my mind.

Friends, Lily. F-R-I-E-N-D-S.

"Yes?" I manage to not squeak.

Her eyes roam my face for a moment before she asks, "Would it have gone any further if I didn't interrupt?"

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