Chapter 3 (Part 3) War has Begun

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It stood without an end to its terror, the fear it conjured into each soldier's heart on that broken battlefield: even to the bravest among them.

King Derek, wide eyed with a loose grip to his bannered lance; Theodren in place without much thought of moving, Valora unable to keep her eyes off it, and all the others just as captivated as her.

It walked as that of a human, but its strides spanned at least one hundred feet. In each step the army felt their bodies shake and lose balance; some falling over completely, including cowering horses.

Darkened grey, rough, and hairless skin on its legs. A clay cloak covered its upper legs up to its waist. It held a large complexion of a chest, displayed with finely defined muscles and broad shoulders.

....But its face....something that would remain forever be a sight in their heads.... Hairless from every part of their face, nothing but a gray white skin, eye sockets with pure white glowing in them, empty of mouth and nose...not even a brow.

Without order to be certain, voices began shouting "run", and not a single commander was fearless enough to deny their desire to leave.

Many began walking backwards slowly, all in an oddly organized manner; like they all knew that then was the time to hasten their path back.

"St...stand your ground!" King Derek shouted with an uncertain commanding tone. For such a man as he, so stoic and unshaken by the fears of the world brought upon be so frightened...sent many hearts around him to stumble in step. The last image of hope, of courage...was shattered....

"What...what is that thing?" Valora asked, a consistent stutter in her tone of voice, wide eyed in awe with shortened breaths.

"Your guess is as good as mine." Theodren replied, still focused on it.

"Should we run?" Carrion asked, just as focused as Theodren, though yet another shake of the earth quickly made his quick remarks something only or memory.

"For the sake of honor? No. For the sake of reason? Yes." Zoran replied, turning his backside to whatever that thing was, attempting to move past the just as awestruck members of the shield wall.

Theodren tried to grab Zoran's shoulder, but was too late. His brother ran and ran, reaching at least half-way through the army that also decided to retreat.

Not long after, there its leg stuck out from the mist entirely, one final step plummeted only a ship's distance away from Theodren, as well as the others who stayed, sending them to the sky a few feet up, falling on the coarse ground.

They too decided to run, not looking back.

With one clean swipe of its right arm, the being cleared away an entire section of the army; likely a thousand dead, laying on the ground they ran across, with not a sight of life among the rubble of men in pieces with blood splattered across them all.

Another strike befell those ahead of them, with another thousand or so lost to the being's purge. Their screams fell to silence as they flew in the sky and collapsed on those behind them; their shattered bones and bloody bodies something of nightmares to witness.

Zoran took a quick glance back, worried for the sake of his brother and the others. There he saw it, the entire being with its ripped cloak of clay. It was slender, yet strong, bringing its large arm up once more...that time heading for...them.... Zoran was too frightened to say a word, only to look to his once again.

Theodren, not focused on what was behind him, saw in the distance the light of day returning to them, a blinding light shrouded by what looked to be at least a thousand strong, firmly walking towards the bringer of the end.

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