Chapter 3 (Part 2) War has Begun

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A barg stood as a mountain of rugged steel, although still only climbing up the hill. Two small soldiers ran beyond the wall of shields and spears aiming towards that same beast with a war hammer held by its two hands firm in grip. It could be heard all the way back to the archery line.

Valora struck her left leg up in position. Zoran grabbed a few arrows from the ground and pulled back his bow, eye focused towards an open area of the barg's armor coated face.

In less than a second after, she threw the daggers towards the barg's head, making one shot stab through its right cheek, and the other being blocked by its unprotected arm. Zoran hesitated and his arrow fire missed its mark.

While starting to doubt the likelihood of his survival, Valora took out her twin blades and began climbing the arm of the barg; stabbing into its flesh to keep her gripped onto it, like climbing a wall of ice with a horrendous stench.

Carrion stood beside Theodren at that time. Remaining on horseback more than a hundred yards from them, they quickly noticed Valora, easily bu her appearance standing out from the rest. Only one archer would be fearless enough to haste past the spear wall, so there was no doubting that Zoran was her counterpart rushing down that hill.

"And I thought I'd never see the day." Theodren grinned and chuckled slightly. "Here my brother stands, an anxious little man showing off to the likes of thousands of soldiers; and facing the spawn of hell, at that."

"Without a wager. Only he would run that strangely, yet hold pace superior to the rest." Carrion whispered back.

"And charging towards...oh no...." Theodren held his breath at that moment.

Carrion was about to reply, but Theodren already led his horse full speed down the hill in direct charge to the middle.

Carrion hesitated, but seeing that with Theodren leaving his army behind to fight in his brother's defense, he felt he had no other choice but to do the same.

With a snap of his leather to the horse's upper neck, he aimed his lance forward down the hill. With galloping, dust being picked up in his wake; the other soldiers didn't know what to make of it.

Derek began to regret giving the two brothers the honor of leading his armies in repayment for providing the information in the first place. He stared in judgement and yet didn't know what to make of it. They went against his plans, but he certainly couldn't do anything to stop them.

The barg was beginning to roar in irritation as Valora attempted to cut through the backside of its neck.

"Zoran!" Valora called, making him lose his current stance of thought, looking towards the aggravated beast. "Now!"

With a short moment to realize the situation, he took out an arrow and pulled back his recurved bow, hitting its eye. In a scream of pain, it took out the arrow with one hand, trying to grab Valora with the other. Blood rushed down its face as it struggled. It barely missed her each time.

She continued stabbing deeper.

"It shouldn't take this long!" Zoran pulled back another arrow, panicking.

"These blades are made for slashing, not stabbing!" Valora replied aggressively while under stress. "The longer I stay here, the harder it is for me to kill it."

While Zoran focused on the beast's vulnerable areas, he noticed something in his side view towards the right. It was another barg, but while the other was heavily armored and slower up hill, this one ran at speeds nearly half that of a stallion. It was aiming directly towards him!

He began to freak out again, and the army remained only spectators waiting for other bargs to reach them.

By the time it made its way past the other barg, Zoran attempted running away in panic, but tripped on a rock and fell on his face. With a dent on his helmet, he began losing his balance. He stared up at the beast, helpless, fatigued, terrified. Valora was finally grabbed by the barg she was on top of.

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