Small school rant for no reason

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Peaches here.

This is not an update, I'm sorry.

Just wanted to tell y'all about my first day in 11th grade of hellschool.


We have 7 periods a day, and 5 of the teachers are new.

My physics teacher came from like 15 countries or something 😂

But he also left a very bad first impression.

He called every student he met "Chinese" so idk how to feel about that.

He spent today aka the second day of school, complaining about KitKat being a horrible chocolate as he proceeds to steal the candy bar from a student and eat it.

He started ranting in German, and then he was like "y'all got 3 pages of physics question to do."

And I was like "wtf? Did he even explain the lesson? Was I asleep or something?"

Cuz all he did was talk German and eat chocolate.

They also painted the walls.

There is a walking area between the kindergarten and the parking lot.

My school is separated into three buildings: elementary (1-6) kindergarten, middle school-high school (7-12)

They painted the walls white and added black metal fences to the parking lot.

My school is a legit prison now.

Not only that, but they also added carpets, Yes, carpets to the walls of every class.

We were like "where they confused with the floor or something?"


It's their attempt to create a soundproof room by gluing carpets to the walls.

We all know it ain't gonna work when you have a bunch of hyenas on a sugar rush in class who don't even know how to use a chair or a door properly.

For the last 10 years, the schedules were: 1st,2nd,3rd periods, break (15 mins), 4th,5th,6th periods, break (30 mins), 7th period, go home.

But now it's: 1st period, break (15 Min) 2nd, 3rd periods, break (15 mins), 4th, 5th periods, break (15 mins), 6th, 7th periods, go home.

It literally feels like we are staying in school for 20 hours straight because of the amount of free time we're having because half of the teachers didn't come yet.


Thank you for listening.

Also, pray for author-nim cuz she has 2 lessons of physics one after the other with the German speaking teacher tomorrow :')))))

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