Chapter 5

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Aida POV

I'm still reeling from whatever just happened. I have been sitting here in the art room motionless for an hour just processing it all.

What was that? When I touched hands with him, Argent, it was like a bolt from the electric shock therapy I have had over the years. I can still feel a buzz coursing through my veins.

Better than any meds I have ever had! Wow. He needs to bottle that.

I hear the loud speaker announce lunch and I get my act together, pack up and head down the hall. I hope he is still here wandering around somewhere.

I want another dose. And maybe I could actually speak to him this time. Ah. I must have looked so stupid before. I mentally face palm myself and continue to the mess hall.

Great. Mac and cheese. Again. I can smell the distinct smell as I enter the hall. I know some kids here are on high dose meds and can't chew much else but come on. Every day now for a month!

I glance around, hoping the tour group is staying for lunch. But why would they, especially if they catch sight of this slop we are forced to accept.

It's this or nothing so I slide into line and grab a tray. When I reach the counter i put my plate up in unison with the boy in front of me and a large spoon of goop is slapped onto our plates in perfect timing. Yum. How appetising. I search for a seat and decide on an empty table and make my way over.

I notice an odd aroma in the air, like cinnamon buns and coffee. I search for the source because there is no way my dreams have come true and they actually have cinnamon buns and coffee available here is there?!

I keep looking for the source of the delicious smell and some movement at the back door to the mess hall catches my eye. The most gorgeous guy I have ever seen is standing at the door, surrounded by a hoard of giggling nurses. But he isn't looking at them, he is staring at me.


He nods to the nurses who all look disappointed and starts in my direction. But just as he is about to reach me the loud speaker goes off over head and I hear my name.

"Aidalyn report to Dr Jasper immediately please"

Great. Session time. Although early today?

Argent stops when he sees me rising from the table.

He puts his hand up in a stop motion and makes his way quickly over to the table.

Crap. What do I do? Act cool Aida. Act regular for gods sake!

"Aida, do you have a minute?"

He asks with such a genuine look of concern I don't know what to do.

"Um, not really. I have to go" I say but wish I didn't.
His face drops.

"You could walk with me if you like?"

I take the chance and ask him. It's not like I will ever get to be alone with him ever again. Why not.

"Sure" He says and takes my tray and dumps it on the table close to the bin.

I start to walk out and he follows. This is awkward.
I wish I had some cool topic to discuss but I doubt he wants to talk about which meds I took today and the latest episode of who got straight jacketed this week.

We just walk in silence down the hall. Oh man. I feel so odd right now. Not comfortable but definitely not completely uncomfortable either. It's strange.

"So, about before, ah did you hear me"

He asks and looks at me. I'm not sure what he is on about.

"Ah, sorry, just now in the hall you mean, Um yes?"
Does he think I'm hearing impaired or something?

He shakes his head.

"No, in the art room. When I tried to link? I couldn't hear you?"

I have no clue what he is on about. Oh crap. Is he actually a patient too? Maybe he doesn't know it? Maybe his huge scary dad left him here for treatment?

"Ah, Argent I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry. What link are you talking about? Is that a tv show or something because we don't have much tv time here and when we do it's just old DVD's that the nurses give us"

He stops and stares at me mid sentence.

"You really don't know? You have never heard of link before?"

He stares at me waiting for an answer.

I feel bad for him. This kid is a goner. Straight into single therapy for you buddy. Too bad. Would have been nice to see him around each day.

"Ah no sorry. But I'm sure Dr J can figure this all out for you during your stay here don't worry"

I give him a pat on the shoulder. Poor kid. Starting treatment for delusions is hard at first.

He shakes his head. He gets what I'm putting down and starts to laugh a little. But then he stops and concern takes over his face.

"No Aida I'm not a patient. Im talking about a trait from our kind. Something we can do to talk to each other, like telepathy. But the specific kind only we can do. You know, our people, werewolves"

Oh man. This poor guy is in serious trouble. I start to back away from him a little in case he starts having a full on delusional episode. But as I take my second step I think about what he just said.


In all my episodes I dream I am a wolf. Like, the wolf and I are one. When the fire erupts in my body in the episodes it intensifies so hard and fast and as it reaches its peak I burst apart and the wolf is free. We exist together. It speaks to me. We are one whole being. And sometimes when I'm the wolf I see other wolfs and I hear them speak to me. But their is no audible sound. The voices are in our heads. We are linked.

I stare at his face. He is serious. He doesn't look like he is mid- delusion. He looks calm and collected.

What is happening right now.

Am I having an episode? I don't feel like I am?

I look into his light grey eyes. He stares down at me. I steady my voice.

"What did you just say"

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