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Never did I think I'd be back here.

Our old military camp hadn't changed a bit, except for the giant building in the middle of where we would train. I looked around a bit, feeling nostalgic. It was an awful time, but from where I stood right now, this place seemed like a haven. 

" I feel 90 pounds again." Steve laughed lightly.

" It's weird remembering the times I was squishy." I put a hand on my stomach, which was like a rock, " Why would it bring us here?"

" I suppose we need to go find out." Nat said, not too happy about it.

It was so funny, even here we were side by side, eyes darting all around, ready to cover each other with our shields at any minute. You can never get rid of old habits. The building was newer than the rest, but it was obviously not used in a long time. The machinery was from decades ago, but not as old as Steve and I. Why would this be at our old camp?

" This is the beginnings of S.H.I.E.L.D." Natasha said, " At least where they created it. Peggy Carter."

I often forgot that our Peggy started the organization we worked for. My old friend, bed ridden and old, gave me everything. I looked closely for anything that could be odd. I could only think what the boys from camp would think of me right now. I met a few of them when I got out of the ice, a bunch if 90 year olds hanging out. Except I haven't aged a day.

" Mar." Steve said.

I looked at him, and he was staring at a wall, " If you have a secret base, what is the elevator for?"

Behind a bookcase, the door to an elevator opened. I looked at Natasha, and she sighed, " No more aliens, please."


The room was the same. Old technology, except for the drive that was for the USB. Steve was tense, I have never seen him like this. He plugged the USB in, and we waited.

It was silent for a while, my grip on my shield tight until a screen clicked.

" Rodgers, Steve, Captain. Rodgers, Marilyn, Captain. Romanova, Natalia."

" What the hell is this?" I asked.

" You don't recognize me, Captain? 70 years and a new haircut and you're a different woman? You don't remember smashing my face into a control panel until it broke?"

" Arnim Zola?" Steve whispered, " You're dead."

" My body, is dead. My mind lives on. Forever. My conscious was put here."

" We kill your boss and you're reduced to a computer." I scoffed.

" Oh no, Miss. Rodgers. I was reduced to working for your precious S.H.I.E.L.D. Rather than kill me for my war crimes, Phillips wanted to use my intelligence. I helped, but planted a seed, the seed of HYDRA."

" Captain Rodgers," I snapped, " What's on the file?"

" An algorithm. A virus, if you wish to call it so. A system that will cripple your country as it should have decades ago. We will strike fear into the hearts with Project Insight."

" The helicarriers." Natasha said, " Steve."

My brother was a statue, I knew he was keeping all of his rage inside. " An attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. All for what?"

" For the return of HYDRA. You crippled us, Captains. But two heads grow back when you cut off one. Marilyn Rodgers cut off every head but one. She will pay for that, our Russian friend coming to collect that payment."

The Winter Solider. " Why me?" I asked, " Why not Steve? He did just as much as I did?"

" Women have no place where you were. You were vocal, destructive, irrational. Captain America may have completed more missions, saved more in the end. But you stained HYDRA. You are covered in blood and rage. You murdered men because they stood in your way. You destroyed, you taunted, and you spat in our faces more than your brother ever could dream. A woman like you crippled us by existing and speaking. You were never a problem before the train. A nuisance as best. A little fly we were ready to swat. But that all changed.  All for a silly little boy. What was his name? James?"

" Don't talk about him." I sneered. 

" Before you liberated those men, I took great pleasure in torturing him. I wish I could have made him like you, forced him to kill his best friend and lover. He was a fighter, it was fun to watch. He was loud, as well.  I don't remember which one of you he screamed for louder. It certainly was fun to guess."

I picked up the computer monitor, smashing it over and over on the ground, before finally putting my shield into it. I was panting like an angry dog, Steve pulling me away. Another monitor switched on, " As I was saying," Zola's voice sounded annoyed, " We will create fear. We will make people so helpless and afraid, that HYDRA will be their only option. Order and control will reign as it should have years ago."

" You have little faith in the American people. They won't let you take their freedom." Steve said.

" After we kill their Avengers, their President, their leaders and celebrities, they will realize they will never be safe. What will the world do after watching Tony Stark get shot in the head? Who will feel safe when the Blue Heart herself is murdered by the Winter Solider for the world to see. You will be crippled. Sadly, you three will never get to see it."

Natasha's phone went off, and she went pale, " Balisstic missiles. 30 seconds. Sent by S.H.I.E.L.D."

Steve and I reacted. I ran for the elevator, but it slammed shut. We would be crushed down here.

Steven ripped the metal grate on the floor up, throwing Natasha down, then grabbing me. He held Nat and I close, forcing me to hold my shield above us as explosions began to deafen me.

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