Chapter 8: Plaid Skirts

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"What's happening, Chels?" I ask.

"Uh... never mind. Doesn't matter." She sits down.

"Well, now I'm curious." I stand up on my chair but Chelsea tugs at my sleeve. Honestly I'm not even surprised by what I see.

Tanya went all out for her proposal to Cody. And Cody's standing there like he just won a million bucks. Not only did Tanya make a glittered border and big black letters, but she made it boob themed. Also she's wearing a dress that is tight to her oh-so-perfect body and her boobs of course perk perfectly out of the top.

 Also she's wearing a dress that is tight to her oh-so-perfect body and her boobs of course perk perfectly out of the top

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(Look at just the poster... not the children... also pretend it says hoco)

I'm not mad... psh. Rolfe is better... but look at Cody's smile though. Tanya makes him so happy... NO STOP SKYLAR! Remember why you left him!

I sit down and don't say anything.  

After lunch, I have biology, which I have been dreading all day because it is the only class I have with the devil himself. Usually bio is a senior class but I didn't want to take physics and I found biology really interesting when I took an intro class in it in middle school. 

I walk in, taking my seat across the room at my desk. After the break-up I moved from the desk next to Cody into this one far across the room. Now I sit in the front, which is better for two reasons. 1, no distractions (which would be even worse today because of the dream I had last night...) and 2, I have poor eye sight so it makes seeing the board easier. 

I had to give my presentation about the cell cycle today. 

FML! I hate public speaking! And to make matters worse I'll have Cody's evil beady eyes boring into my soul the entire time, I just know it!

Mrs. Cooper calls me up to present and my heart is beating out of my chest. I pull up my slide show with shaky hands on the computer before standing in front of the room. As I start speaking, I have to remind myself not to lock my knees or else I might pass out... again. 

"The next phase of the cell cycle is the S-phase where..." My eyes scan the room as my rehearsed speech tumbles out of my mouth like a waterfall. I knew my script cold so I didn't have to look down at my notecards more than a few times. My focus wanters over to Cody and I am surprised. He seems to be staring right back at me but not with his usual scowl, but with a certain strange gaze that I can't decipher what he's thinking. Tanya sits in front of him, practically sleeping. I'm not surprised. 

After I finish, the class claps. "Thank you Miss Reed for that wonderful presentation. Whoever is tomorrow's presenter will have a tough time following that." I blush, walking to sit down. I catch eyes with Cody and he looks angry now. I quickly avert my gaze. Meanwhile, Greg, tomorrow's presenter, is squirming in his seat with nerves. 

Mrs. Cooper clasps her hands together and addresses the class, "Alright class I will be assigning a project for you all to complete in the next few weeks. I will assign partners so stop looking at each other." 

A collective groan erupts throughout the room, which Mrs. Cooper ignores promptly as she begins reading out the list. I'm awaiting my name...

"Tanya and Stacy." A squeal erupts from Tanya as she rushes over to her friend's desk by the door. I roll my eyes and almost miss the next two names.

"Skylar and Cody." Of fucking course. Mrs. Cooper would put us together. I take a deep breath to regain my composure. Hopefully we can be mature about this and just let bygones be bygones for the sake of our GPAs. 

"Okay you have the last 10 minutes of class to begin working on the project with your partners. Okay, go!"

As soon as I get up from my desk and start making my way over to his, Cody springs out of his chair, hurries over to the door, grabs Tanya before leaving, and shutting the door behind him. Mrs. Cooper doesn't even notice or seem to care.

I am left standing by my desk confused and startled by the urgency shown in Cody's actions. What's gotten his knickers in a twist?

Cody's POV 

Skylar Reed fucking gave me a boner. A fucking boner! In the middle of class! I couldn't be angrier right now! At both my penis and at her for wearing such a short skirt and delivering her presentation with such quiet confidence it made me all horny. Doesn't she know how whenever she wears short stuff all I want to do is take her home, tie her up, and fuck her brains out?! Ugh, I just have so much pent up energy now I want to teach her a lesson for leaving me and getting with that pussy Rolfe Scott!

But I can't. 

She's a worthless little hoe who doesn't deserve my attention anymore so fuck her.

After Mrs. Cooper assigned me to be partners with that bitch I grew even more agitated. Before she could even speak to me, I got up, asked to go to the bathroom, and grabbed Tanya by the wrist from where she was sitting with her partner by the door. 

As I dragged her down the hall, she shouted, "Hey, what's wrong? I was working on my project!" When I don't respond, she asks in a smaller voice, "What's wrong, baby?"

"Nothing." I give her a short answer, before pulling her into the janitors closet for a good fucking. 


Sorry it took me almost a week to post! I've been hella busy. And this next week is also really busy but I'll try to find time to write for you guys. 

Hehehehe so a little taste of Cody at the end. What did you think of that? Were you expecting what happened?

Also... I have a feeling the biology project is only going to create more problems...
Anyways, I want to hear your predictions! What do you think will happen?!

Sorry it took me almost a week to post! I've been hella busy. And this next week is also really busy but I'll try to find time to write for you guys. 

Until next time, BEA

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