Can't see!

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Sorry, I have been real busy lately but I hope to write more often now.

       The cave was pitch black and I could barely see a few feet in front of me. The torch helped just a little but I could barely see five feet in front of me. Noises permeated the darkness, footsteps echoed off the walls, the torch cast shadows on the walls that seemed to have a will if its own as the flame flickered. Suddenly I saw something, like a glimmer of hope I saw light at the end of the cave! I felt a feeling of hope, something I had not felt before and ran towards the light.

      When I got there, it wasn't an exit but a ravine! The light I saw was produced by lava. The bottom was filled with lava with water pouring in from the ceiling. I looked around for a way out of this then I spied something not the colour of stone but of wood. It seemed like a bride of some sorts and obviously I headed towards it. Creeping along the edge of the ravine, I eventually made it to the bridge. This bridge wasn't just a bridge but a mineshaft. I noticed something odd about the way it lead. The walls had holes in them, as if someone or something had made them. I wanted to look for another way out but this looked like one of the only ways so I walked, sword in hand.
         I was scared stiff thinking of what could be lurking behind one of these corners. The entire mineshaft was lit up. I trudged along the edges of the mineshaft, carefully looking around each corner. I could hear footsteps, and metal. With my makeshift sword, I crept towards the noise. I spotted something around the corner and saw, another person.

There's a real problem here. I can't seem to keep this published. Can someone help me out?

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