Chapter 18

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(3rd person, Keith POV)

Keith gets up from the spot where he was sitting. He drags his feet to his art table, and pushes it to the windowsill, along with the stool that goes with it. 

He sits down and pulls out his notebook and pencils. He looks out the window and sighs. He takes the phone Lance got him and puts on Hamilton.

"What to draw.." He sits their, tapping his pencil up against his face. "The ocean maybe.." He doodles the sand and the waves rushing up on the sand. "It's missing something.." He adds in two humans embracing each other at the waves. "SHIT DUDE NO!" He says to himself. 

Minutes pass of him doodling and drawing. He puts on Burn and draws something that revolves around break up. (He's resting his hand on his face as he draws)

Once he finishes, he scans the paper. He drew himself yelling at Lance, tears streaming down his face as Lance yells back. 

"I-" he digs his face into his arm as he grips his hair "Damn.. What happened between us?" His voice lowers the more he talked. 

(3rd person, Lance POV) 

Lance sat their for a good 20 minutes. 

"Lance.." Pidge whispers.

"Hm?" He looks up, his eyes blood shot. 

"WHAT HAPPE- I mean, are you ok?" She sits down next to him.

"No.. I maybe a mis- a BIG mistake.." He sighs.

"How?" She takes off her glasses and cleans them.

"I let Allura find happiness with the wrong person. It's hard to explain" 

"Then give me a quick recap?" 

"Ok, well, A person loves Allura, and she felt the same, but Keith hates her."


"They have a bad history"

"Ah" she chuckles.

"Anyway, he still doesn't believe she's changed. People change"

"Yeah, well, Keith doesn't forgive as fast as some people" she looks right at Lance.


"Welp, that's how he works" she looks at her feet. 

"Now what?" Lance sighs. 

"Talk to him, later" 

"Later!? Why la- oh right, sorry" he rubs the back of his neck.

"It's ok. Come down stairs and help make Lunch" she stands up and skips down stairs. Lance follows. 

(Keith's POV, 3rd person) 

Keith sighs and puts his drawing stuff away under the desk. 

"I wonder if lunch is ready?" He stands up and puts on his hoodie and long sweat pants along with the red scarf Lance got him. 

He drags his body to the door and slides it open. The hardwood floors creak. He starts rethinking his life as he walks down stairs.

'WAIT! HOW DID LANCE BRING ME TO A BEACH?! THERE ARE NON HERE?!' He mentally slaps him self as he reaches the bottom of the steps.

 He passes the front door and walks into the living room. He walks past it and enters the kitchen.

"Sup" he says. He pulls his hoodie over his head.

"Keith!" Pidge smiles and cringes at herself. She was cutting up raw fish and seaweed. Steamed rice filled the air.

"Hey.." Lance sighs. Lance was sitting down at the table on his phone.

"Hi" Keith blushes, and awkwardly sits down next to him. 

"So.." They sit still. Pidges humming filled the air. 

"Lunch i- WAIT! I'm not the girly girl here.." She says "eh, my food is still awesome!" She smirks. "You two want anything?" 

"No.. Not really" Lance sighs.

"Same.." Keith scoots his chair closer to Lance. 

"Are you sure Lance? Nothing small, skinny, white, dark ha- frosting, and sweet?" She says, smirking at Lance as he chokes on the water he was drinking. 

"PIDGE?!" He blushes. 

"What~? I'm just in the mood for cake?" She snickers. 

"Sureeee" Lance drags out the last letter in his word. 

\\  //

Pidge had finished with her lunch. She set up the table and everything.

They all sat at the table. Silence filled the air. The only sounds came from chopsticks hitting the glass, and soup spoons banging up against glass bowls. 

"Lance.." Keith sighs as he finished his last pice of sushi "come with me" 

"Ok" Lance quickly finished his soup and sushi. 

Keith stands up, dragging Lance behind him. 

They walk throughout the house till the get to his room. 

Lance slides open the door open. Keith walks inside, Lance follows. 

"Keith?" Lance says. Keith's turned his back on Lance. 

"I'm sorry, I was wrong" Keith's head drops.

" no, no. I was wrong" Lance sighs "I'm sorry" 

"Lance.." Keith turns around holding the scarf. His eyes blood shot. "Do you forgive me?" 

"Yes, mullet" 

Keith walks towards Lance, and drops his head on Lance's chest. 

"Awww~ you love me again?" Lance flirts trying to lighten the mood. 

"Yes I do" Keith looks up and wraps his hand around Lance's neck, and kisses Lance. 

End of chapter 

Word count: 907  

Ok, so, the Naruto book will have to wait another 5-6 months, maybe more, because I've wanted to rewrite my Attack on Titan book with better grammar and less fluff and more gore. I also finally picked Character parts. Bill still dies (sorry breaker). Also, I'm bad at name spelling, so tell me what I spelled wrong please.











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