party hard, fall harder

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Have you ever hit a low in your life that sucked so much that you were just like: Ah, fuck. Yes sir, I'd love some tequila with that. In the slightest hopes that you'd forget, hopefully, everything.

Every time a memory re-surfaced, you'd drown it in alcohol.

His eyes. Take a shot.

His smell. Take a shot.

His voice. Take a shot.

His... wait... who?

I looked like the stereotypical shit-faced college girl who couldn't take the alcohol she was pouring down her throat. Which you think wouldn't be too bad, but, drunk me is so ballsy sober me would piss her pants at half the shit I do with a couple shots in my system.

Next thing I knew, my fists were flying at some woman who'd had her share of trash-talking.

You'd think this was reckless, maybe even a little funny. But it stops getting funny when the bouncer is walking you out of the club as you cling to his torso threatening to squeeze the life out of him.

Okay, maybe it was still a little funny.

"Listen, you're in a dress, just climb down."

"No! I want *hiccup* a drink!"

I think the bouncer muttered something about God under his breath but I wasn't paying attention... to anything, really.

Except I saw these blue eyes.

These really, blue eyes.

Then I was out like a light.




"Oh, I do."

I watched in horror as my friend deep throated a pickle and started choking on its juice.

"You weren't supposed to actually do it, asshole!"

I think he started to gag in between breaths after the vegetable had launched itself from his throat.

"Puke on me and you're dead, dude."

He chugged some water.

"Thanks Noah, really feelin' the love over here."

I laughed.

There was a knock at the door.

"If you two are done comparing dick sizes, I need Noah to head on out to the club!"

"Garrett? You're scheduled for tonight, you want me to cover your ass again?"

He peeked his head through the door.

"Well, since you asked."

And with a smile he was gone.

I grabbed my friend by the collar, water falling out of his mouth.

"C'mon, Lucky. We've got work to do."

"Damn, let a brother swallow first," He whined.

"Wait, that came out wron-"

"Please shut up?"

"Mhm yeah got it."


The second I stepped a foot into the club I was hit with a wall of sweat, alcohol, strong perfume, and cologne.

Lucky stood by my side, poor guy was almost a foot shorter than me. His fluffy dyed green hair and bright green eyes had won him his nickname, but for some reason girls loved it.

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