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I wanted to be quiet

I didn't want attention

I didn't want to act stupid

I didn't want to embarrassed myself

But my actions spoke otherwise.

And strangly

I accepted my weird behavior

How annoying I am

How much bullshit I contained

It was better than going silent like crazy

I figured, people leave you either way


Why do we care so much?


I just do

Even if I say fuck you

There's still the thought of having to satisfy someone else's demands.

I don't want that

But unconsciously my actions carry forward

The bandwagon.

Would you prefer to stand alone on the roadside or hop on and party.

I'm unique, they say.

Everyone is different, they say.

And if you abuse it more, you become a special snowflake.

Life is simple.

You just make it complicated.

Born, work, die

And somewhere in there add a little fun.

That's it.


You could end it all.

But then you're selfish. Weak. Pity.

'You should have called for help' they say

But you did

And no one heard.

Some even ignore.


You know it's funny, they tell you to live but then if you live long enough, they become scared of you.

The fantasy world of immortality.


The topic changed.

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