Chapter Twelve-"You look beautiful right now Vivienne"

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~Dedicated to getting drunk for the first time~

Chapter Twelve-"You look beautiful right now Vivienne"

I’ve never been one to drink, in fact I never really had any opportunities to actually drink except whenever I stayed over at Juliet’s house and her family were having some Italian themed celebration because the restaurant business was getting bigger and better. So the fact that I was currently sitting opposite Lily, while she expertly mixed different looking alcohols in a bottle, made me feel all nervous and anxious on the inside. I sucked in a breath, and allowed my eyes to take in Lily’s composed and focused expression. Maybe if I just played it cool, then everything would be fine?

Lily, who noticed me staring, looked up and smiled at me reassuringly. Her eyes, just like Sean’s were a deep hazel colour, but somehow seemed lighter, capturing the bright bar lights from above. Her hair was long and open, the darkness a contrast to her pale skin, curling at the ends. Her lips were pouty and covered in a deep red lipstick, ‘For kissing’, Lily had simply explained after she caught me staring. Wearing nothing but a mini skirt and a plain white tank top along with black wedges, Lily still looked as though she was ready to party and for the first time that night, I wondered if Sean may have been right about his sister being a party animal.

“What’s that?” I asked, wanting to calm my nerves.

Lily glanced down at the bottle she was mixing, the liquid inside was a pinkish colour which seemed to glow in the dim lighting. She stopped shaking the bottle, removing the lid and lowered it to my nose. My eyes stung slightly as the strong scent of cherry and something alcoholic made its way into my nostrils, causing my cheeks to go red and my throat to go dry. I began to cough, my hands flying to cover my mouth as I stared at Lily, who tried her best to cover a laugh but failed miserably.

“It’s supposed to be a cherry cocktail,” Lily explained in between laughs, “but I’m taking it as I made it too strong?”

I nodded, “You don’t say.”

Lily laughed again before adding more cherry juice into the bottle, before she turned to me with a smile and spoke, “You know it’s nice that you’re tutoring Sean.”

My lips curved up into a smile as I replied, “It’s no problem at all.”

Lily replied, “Either way, it’s great that he’s finally doing something for himself…I mean after the whole divorce thing and us moving with dad to Redwood, things haven’t exactly been the same.”

I frowned, my curiosity suddenly flaring, “Why?”

Lily scanned the room, checking for anyone else, before whispering, “Well you do know that mum left us for some younger guy right?”

I nodded.

“Well,” Lily continued bitterly, “turns out that the guy she left us for was one of Sean’s good friends.”

My eyes widened in horror as I answered, my tone slightly mixed with disgust, “That’s awful!”

“What’s awful?” a voice asked from behind.

I turned around, my eyes coming into contact with Sean’s as he walked towards the bar stool I sat on. Swallowing and glancing at Lily who was clearly trying to look as though she had just been caught for admitting using legwarmers, turned to me and shrugged subtly. I turned my attention back to Sean and gave him a weak smile, and mimicked Lily’s shrug before coming up with what I will claim as the best excuse of my life.

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