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 One day later

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 One day later...

              THE SHIFT             07/01/2034


By Lucius Green

Cadell Walker, aged 18, has been suspected to have killed his parents Miles and Kalice Walker. Both parents were stabbed multiple times in their home this Monday on Halloween. Unfortunately, the police are unaware of the man's whereabouts, but they strongly urge anyone who has any helpful information to come forward.

He was last seen in a navy blue Middle Ground High school uniform. (Please see the image on page 6 for his appearance.)

Despite the allegations, there has been no certified evidence or known motives yet. Cadell's classmates were deeply shocked, seeing him as a "class clown" but his Chemistry Teacher, Inka Jenkins, claimed that "the boy had always been unstable and unpredictable".

Detective Emanuel Jose with the homicidal team said: "These killings were of a scale I've never seen before. The bodies were mutilated in a..." Sadly, Jose was unable to finish his sentence but eventually concluded by stating: "Whoever committed these crimes is a monster beyond repair and quite clearly a maniac. But we can assure you, justice will be served. Our thoughts continue to remain with Mr and Mrs Walker's families."

Elijah lowered the newspaper and swallowed hard. A patch of sweat glistened on his forehead.

"Why are you showing me this, Dad?" Elijah asked.

A large sturdy man observed a one-way mirror to an interrogation room as he leaned against a wall. "Because he's dangerous. I want to remind you that your friend isn't who he once was. Treat him with hostility."

"What, like everyone else? He needs a friend right now. Isn't that why I'm here?"

The man lit a cigarette, ignoring him. "Have you seen the Security footage I sent you?"

"Of course," Elijah nodded. The recordings had terrified the hell out of him. He wondered if the vivid images that were glued to his brain would be permanent. Even after staying up all night and analysing Cadell's behaviour, Elijah still felt unprepared.

Cadell had become a vegetable with violent episodes. From the five recorded interviews, Elijah had been able to spot three stages leading up to the outbursts. The first stage were headaches which had been easily neutralised with painkillers; the second stage was irrational laughter- these creeped Elijah the most and the final stage was the formation of dark purple eyes. All the interviews so far had been a failure, with the first being a complete disaster.

The steel handcuffs might as well have been paper...

Elijah had fallen off a chair in his room with a yelp after seeing the therapist dangling in the air by the neck, spluttering and gasping. The automated security system, which had detected a breach, expelled sleep gas into the room but not before the man had been catapulted across the room like a rag doll. The man was clinging onto his life in a hospital.

For the proceeding interviews, Cadell had been restricted in a customized straight jacket made from a strong fibre called Dyneema, and two bulky guards stood next to him at all times. Apart from the occasional mutterings, Cadell had refused to talk,  eat or even sleep. His friend had become an emotionless zombie. Without the flesh-eating of course.

"...Elijah? Elijah!"


"I said that if you so much as poke him I will personally throw you out of the room. I'll be watching."

"I know," Elijah said as he pushed down on a door handle. The interrogation room was a small cuboid, simply consisting of two chairs and a rectangular table. It was only when Elijah clambered onto the chair in his unusual crouching position that Cadell looked up. But his gaze was far from his friend. Two unfocused eyes transfixed themselves on the table.

"Cad, it's me. Elijah. I wanted to talk"

Cadell stared at his friend, his eyes widening. Elijah's heart skipped a beat. This is the first time he's done this! Vegetable my ass... He recognized my voice!

Elijah continued. "I'm going to explain the situation you're in and then I'm going to ask you a few questions. Are you fine with that?"

Cadell's eyes focused on Elijah's. It was the kind of look he gave when a teacher would verbally rip him to shreds, a look of boredom.

"I know that others have tried to tell you this before but maybe the information will sink better if I'm saying it... You have a volatile mental illness and your real parents died in the Frenzy eighteen years ago."


Elijah paused, awkwardly scratching his afro. Still no reaction, huh?  Merely mentioning the Frenzy itself should have left Cadell in a shock as it was taboo to talk about the traumatic event unless it was a history lesson.

"Okay how about this," Elijah said. "Your step-parents worked for MI0, a classified federal agency. Their main goal is to experiment on super-humans for weaponry purposes and they've been watching you your whole life. You must have heard about the potential scientific advancements concerning the crazed, so I won't waste your time but to cut a long story short, a lotta people hold frenzy grudges, a lotta people are scared of you, and a whole lotta people think your brain is key to human evolution. It's no big deal, right?"

And that concludes chapter four! Thanks for reading this chapter. A special thanks to @CosmoWriter for inspiring me to write the newspaper article. 

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