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Okay, so I’m worried as worried can be right now.

I’m sitting across from Travie at a McDonald’s in Alabama, and my legs won’t stop bouncing up and down. T’s tour started back up again, and this is the first place that he’s performing in. It’s after midnight, and we just left T’s concert. He said that he bet we couldn’t stay at this McDonald’s for the whole night to wait until he came back.

If it wasn’t for Travie, I so wouldn’t be here right now.

I just can’t focus on the apple pie in front of me when I keep getting strange, anonymous mail from people. On top of the fact that I don’t know who it is, NO ONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT THAT! Somebody obviously knows, though, and that is a big problem.

“It’s probably just someone messing with you. Hey, maybe it’s Drake!” Travie suggests before taking a huge bite of his burger.

“I called Drake already and asked him. Drake’s not the one sending that mail.” I say.

Travie holds up a finger for me to wait while he chews what’s in his mouth, and finally he swallows and begins to speak. “Okay, so let’s rule out who it can and cannot be.”

I sigh. “Okay, that’s a good idea. Um, it can’t be T. It’s not Honey, Tony,  G, or Gator. It’s not my Mama.”

“Who do you know it’s not your Mama?” Travie asks.

“Because I didn’t tell her.” I say.

“Well to be on the safe side, put her in the ‘maybe’ section. So continue.” Travie dictates.

“Ok. So it can’t be Keron. It can’t be…” Then for a moment, I remember Raquan. Could it be him? But that doesn’t make any sense—when I met Raquan I didn’t even know!

“I can’t think of anyone else that it can be. Camilla’s in a crazy house—” I start to say.

“Crazy people do crazy things, Jaydi. It could be her sending you mail.” Travie remarks.

“Do you think they’ll let her send mail to people?” I ask.

“If she’s shown any improvement, and she’s acting less crazy, they’ll let her send you mail. Of course, they’ll read it, but they’ll let her send it if they approve of it. She could be sending you those letters to mess with your brain; to see if it actually is true.” Travie explains.

It’s just so much.

“Okay, so it could be Camilla. But let’s take Mama out of the maybe section and put her in the ‘impossible’ section. Because it really is impossible that she’s sending me those letters. Even if she did know, she’s more mature than that. She’d call me, or find out where I am and come to me. But not use stupid letters to mess with my brain.” I say to Travie.

He doesn’t seem to be listening, though. The whole time I spoke, his face looked like he was thinking really hard.

“The person who sent those letters was watching you.” He says finally.

“What?” I ask, surprised.

“The first time they mailed you, they sent the test. The second time, they asked you when the baby shower is. That means that they obviously knew that the tests were positive. They could only know that if they’d been watching you.”  Travie explained.

I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Just when I was about to reply to Travie, someone taps me on my shoulder. I turn around to see Dana. We had left her at the concert; she said she wanted to stay. So I couldn’t figure out why she was here.

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