Chapter 6: Oh god why am I not swinging the other way?

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I took a sip of my milk tea as I feel slightly tense, I ended up agreeing to two men's offer to hang out with them just for lunch, the location is in a busy cafe surrounded by lots of people so in case if I feel any sorts of danger I can shout for help, and they also kept to their words to leave their stuff close to me and any sorts of weapons, the only thing they had was a dagger and a wand. 

However, their hoods are still on "may I ask why you still have your hoods on?" the two gulp and looked at each other "well due to special reasons we're not allowed to take off our hoods" I shot them with a confused look and just continue sipping onto my tea without asking any more questions "I see" as I drink with elegance, although I did not take any lessons in fine dining or any of that sorts I took upon myself to observe my family when socialising with others and how they would eat in front of them.

I mimicked their moves to the point their habits have become mine "you have great dining manner" the man in the white hood said "why thanks I've been practising a lot by watching my family" than the brown one remarks "so what's your name?" I was a bit hesitant since they were strangers so I've decided to tell them "Shay, my name is Shay, and you two are?" the two look at each other so the brown hooded one responded "my name is Hank and this is Connor" wait a minute those names...

"I see nice to meet you two" as I shone a bright smile to them the two look at each other before looking back at me, they keep looking at each other it's like they're gay or something. After getting acquainted with the two I was slowly warming up to them but still find them a bit suspicious so I made sure not to talk too much but surprisingly we got along well.

"Say, Shay, what's your abilities?" I looked at them confused "I mean your magical abilities everyone has at least one sort of ability nowadays" oh crap I completely forgot.

In this world, everyone has magical abilities that are separated into different groups-

Common: Water, Fire, Air, Earth

Rare: Light, Dark, Illusions

Legendary: Time, Life, Death

Around the age of 15 is usually when a person should get their abilities tested to see which group they go into, originally it was meant to be at the age of 10 is when you get tested but due to unforeseen awakening of new powers they changed the age limit to 15 since some abilities can awaken later at an older age. It's not rare for people to have two abilities but the only thing is magical abilities are forbidden to be used outside in public, only inside buildings that have permission to use magic like training grounds and arenas.

"I don't know yet I've never got tested" as I eat a simple cheesecake with raspberry sauce, "what why not?" well if you haven't noticed in order to get tested you have to pay and I ain't got the money for that "I'm not very wealthy to be able to afford for the test" it's 10 gold for the test I'm good, but then Connor who just had to say something "but judging from the way you speak, your manners and from the way you look, you're from a wealthy family aren't you?" wow calm down your pants detective Conan you're getting too sharp for my liking, but it seems if I were to try to lie they would catch me out.

"You're not wrong" took a sip of tea to look calm and cool "but let's just I'm not very well liked by my family that they will be willing to pay for anything expensive for me, especially me," I said the last part a bit quieter but they still heard it.

I talked a bit too much to two strangers I should probably leave before this gets too personally "well look at the time I must get going" as I quickly grab my things and left 3 copper coins before I left the table "hold on wait a minute!"




I quickly left before they caught up to me, luckily I lost them in the crowd. Before I went home I stopped at a nearby tailor to make some arrangements for a certain special surprise.

After that I got home safe and sound to see Edna waiting outside my room rather worried "hey Edna" as I approached her "young master Alex how was your trip?" she looks at me with a sigh of relief "it's alright I've met some people who were kind to me" I guess "also I bought you something while I was in town as a thank you for looking after me" I handed her a gold heart necklace, it wasn't anything too expensive but I hope she likes it.

"Oh dear this is beautiful young master" as she starts to tear up "oh dear look at this old cow crying at this age" as she wipes away her tears "Edna to me you're like a mother without you I wouldn't be who I am today" I smile ever so happily at h...

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"Oh dear this is beautiful young master" as she starts to tear up "oh dear look at this old cow crying at this age" as she wipes away her tears "Edna to me you're like a mother without you I wouldn't be who I am today" I smile ever so happily at her reaction as she pulls me in for a hug, "young master so do I, it may be a bit cocky for me to say but to me you're also like a son to me and I will make sure to serve you until the day I die" I felt bitter when she said that because in the game she really did serve me until her last breath, she was my safety net that kept me sane and without falling off the right path, in the game I lost her and that's when I've become the game's villain.

"Edna do not say that" as I took a step back to look at her directly into the eyes "I need you to live for a very long time and when the time comes where I can finally walk alone without support I want you to retire and go back home to your family and live the rest of your days with them, I do not want you to die with regrets" I try to sound strong but I can feel myself getting emotional.

"Edna I won't let you die, that's a promise"

End of chapter 6

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