Chapter 23: My Little Bundle of Joy (Part 2)

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   Y/N's POV

   It had been a while since my appointment for my baby girl, which me and Thomas decided to name Rose, and my due date was right around the corner.

   I admit it, I was scared. I had never had a child before, and I was nervous at how painful it would be. There's always these women that scream and cry when they're giving birth, and then others that are surprisingly calm. So I didn't know if it was super painful or just mildly uncomfortable.

   Anyways, I slipped into bed, Thomas already next to me. When he saw me slide in, he smiled. He rubbed my bump and kissed my head, closing his eyes. I smiled at looked at my adorable husband.

   And his face was enough to lull me into a deep sleep.


   I woke up in the middle of the night to wetness surrounding me. Like, the sheets were soaked. At first I was confused.

   'Why is our bed wet? Did Thomas have a dream about swimming again?' I thought, but right as I was about to look at him, a searing pain appeared in my stomach.

   That's when I realized:

   The baby's coming.

   I bit my lip and shook Thomas, who was peacefully asleep. After a bit of this, he still wasn't waking up.

   'Crap. He's dead. That means he won't be able to carry me to the carriage,' I thought as I shook him once more. "Thomas! Wake up!"

   Thomas finally woke up. "What?" he asked groggily. He looked down at the wet sheets. "Did you have a dream about swimming?" He smirked.

   "No! You do that!" I said hurriedly, wincing as another pain shot through my stomach. "Thomas, the baby is coming."

   He looked at me like I was crazy. "What baby?" He must've been really tired.

   I returned the look. "Our baby?" I hissed. "Rose?"

   Thomas then thought for a minute. His eyes widened. "Oh!" He immediately scooped me up and grabbed a suitcase that we had packed beforehand just in case the baby were to come.

   He ran out of the house with me in one arm and the luggage in the other. He put me in the carriage gently, and he got in afterwards. Someone had been in the carriage at night for the past few weeks, again, in case the baby were to come.

   The carriage started moving, and I felt another contraction coming on. "Ah!" I hissed at the pain.

   "Shh," Thomas hushed me, pulling me close to his chest. "It should only be another minute. Then we'll be at the hospital."


   It really was another minute. Exactly one minute later, we arrived at the hospital. Thomas picked me up again and rushed me in. "HELP! WOMAN IN LABOR!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

   I chuckled, despite being in a lot of pain.


   A bit later, I had gotten a room. And then it was time for the big moment.

   "Okay, Mrs. Jefferson. We're gonna bring you to the delivery room," the doctor said.

   I nodded, just wanting to get this human out of me.

   The doctor wheeled me into the delivery room, and I was a bit nervous. Not as nervous as before though, because I was in a lot of pain.

   When we got there, the doctor ordered me to start pushing.


   "Ah!" I yelled after a bit of pushing and breathing deeply. Thomas was watching, biting his lip.

   "Oh! I see a head! Keep going!" the doctor encouraged.

   I nodded, doing as I was instructed. "She's coming!" the doctor cheered, and Thomas' expression was of pure joy and ecstasy. I'm pretty sure he saw most of the baby.

   I gave one final push and heard crying. I fell back on my pillow, panting heavily. Thomas then cheered and started bouncing up and down like a child.

   The doctor smiled and scooped Rose up, swaddling her. She then handed me my baby.

   The moment me and Rose locked eyes, I could tell that we would have an unbreakable bond. As soon as she was in my arms, he stopped crying. I smiled, speechless by my child. I began to rick her slightly. "Hey, Rose," I cooed, smiling.

   Rose smiled, which made me smile.

   "Aww," Thomas smiled. I had actually forgotten about his existence until that moment. I looked up at him and he had a sift smile on his face.

   This baby was ours. We had a child.

   "Mrs. Jefferson?" the doctor asked, making me and Thomas look up at her.

   "I'm gonna need to take Rose to get her cleaned up," she finished.

   I nodded with a disappointed sigh. I handed Rose off, and I already missed her in my arms. As soon as she was passed off, she started crying again. As the doctor took her away, I gave a small wave.

   Thomas then wrapped me into a very tight hug. "Oof!" I yelled.

   "We have a baby, Y/N!" he smiled, pulling apart. I smiled at his face.

   He had been crying.

   I chuckled. "Are you crying?"

   He nodded, breaking down. He began sobbing dramatically, clinging to me like a koala bear. "We have a kid!" he kept saying.

   I rolled my eyes, chuckling. I wrapped my arms around Thomas in return. "Yes, we do."

   That's when the doctor came back with an all cleaned up Rose. I reached my hands out for her, and the doctor nodded, placing my kid in my arms.

   I studied her features more then. She had very frizzy hair like her father, had my skin tone, and her father's brown eyes. I nuzzled her, making her giggle.

   Thomas sniffled from next to me, making me roll my eyes.

   "Do you wanna hold her?" I asked Thomas after a bit. He nodded, reaching out for our kid.

   I put Rose in his arms, smiling.

   He started to cry more, and Rose looked confused. She was probably wondering what the water falling from her father's eyes were. Thomas held her close to his chest, whispering, "I love you, baby girl."

   I smiled softly and looked at my two babies.

   Rose was my kid.


   I had a child to call my own.

   "My little bundle of joy," I mumbled, looking at our beautiful daughter.

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