chapter 9 elements

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It was were sleeping in a bed and you felt someone hugging you you opened your eyes and see starfire hugging you it had been along night for you and your after the whole thing with slade. Other managed to get the probes out of you and their selfs. You decide to wake starfire so you shoke her awake and she opens her to see and she smiles.

Y/n: good morning star

Starfire: Good morning to you y/n

Starfire got out of bed and picked you up. she walked out of her room with you in her arms and walked into the living room and saw that everyone was up. Starfire then walks towards the couch and sits you down next beastboy.

Beastboy: hey little dude

Y/n: hey beastboy...did i?

Beastboy: so...what

Y/n: did I really kicked slade's butt

The reason why you asked him that beacuse you don't remember if you did beat slade and helped your friends.

Beastboy: you still not rember?

Y/n: no

Beastboy: *smiles* it's ok y/n

You looked into beastboy's face and smiled back and then you hugged. You got off the couch and walks towards the window and looked outside. you saw saw the city from a distance and you can rocks were the tower was standing but what caught your attention was the water, wave crashing into the water and you could do was stare at it almost hypnotizing. You snaped out of your trance and walked towards robin.

Robin: hey y/n

Y/n: can I go outside

Robin: uhh...sure

As soon as said that you ran towards the door and into the elevator, ran into the garage opened it and you ran out outside and towards the water. When go to the water you again started to stare at for a little bit and without thinking you put your foot right into the water. The water felt cold but it felt nice you then stood up and put your left foot and then without thing you started to walk and both of your feet was on the water.

You were surprised to see you standing on water you then started to walk again and you wanted to try something. You walked back a little after you backed up a little bit and then started to run towards the water, jumped a little and started sliding on the water.

(in the tower)

Robin was drinking something he the looked outside and sees you sliding out water and slipts out his drink out of disbelief.

(back outside)

You were having fun sliding on water you felt the water hitting your face. You were smiling and laughing but the

Everybody: Y/N!?!

You heard someone calling your looked and saw the titans with shocked expression on their faces. You then turn around and slide towards the titans.

Y/n: heyyyyy....guys

Robin: y/n.. you have powers!?!

You just nodded and then you remembered something. You actually do remembered beating slade and using power. You told the titans that you remembered and you all walked inside.


After that you started to get tried and slept on the couch with your head on raven's lap.

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