You Hang Out For A While

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I walk inside the house Scotty, Zane, Heath, and Todd share. [Sorry, forgot if anyone else lived there.] I shout "If anyone is home, I brought some two box's of pizza! One with olives and the other with (Pizza Topping)!"

I heard someone open there door and say "Olives baby! You know me well!"

That's when I knew, it was Zane. He runs out and eats the pizza. I say "I knew someone in this house likes olives, I just didn't know it was you."

He says "Baby, Olives make the world go round."

I say "It was round even before olives."

He says "More like it was a oval with some fucked up animals."

We laugh and I say "You are right."

He says "I know."


Me and Heath were recording a live stream for my channel. I start it and say "Hello everyone (Youtube Channel Name) here! And I am here with... Heath!? Where- Oh my god!"

I start to laugh and he walks in the cameras view and shows the eight cigars he is smoking in his mouth. He takes all of them out and says "This is the real me (Y/N)! Do not judge me!"

We both laugh and I say "Oh, I am judging very hard."

He throws the cigars, gets on his knees in front of me and says "No (Y/N)! I didn't mean it! How do I make it up to you!?"

I 'think' about it and say "Give me more pencils, pens, and a spray bottle."

He chuckles and says "Okay, I get the pencils and pens, but why the spray bottle?"

I say "So I can spray David any time he does something bad."

Heath laughs and says "Yes Boo!"


Me and Brandon sit down in his house he shares with people in the vlog. [I did not feel like writing the names 😂] He was talking about how David freaked him the fuck out about Alex dressing up as a old man. I was there and knew the whole time as well. He says "I fucking hate you guys."

I say "No you don't."

He says "Yes I do!"

I say "Then why are you talking to me or hanging out with me?"

He says "Because out of everyone, you are the only fucking one I can fucking stand."

I chuckle and say "Awe, Brandon you mean it!"

He says "Yes (Y/N), I do. Because you don't piss me off that easily like the others do. But you kinda creep me out by the fact that you can beat anyone up."

I say "Hey, just don't fuck with me, and you will be fine."


I am laying on Alex's bed with Bailey on my stomach. I pet him and Alex says "We should get a army of bunnies and rabbits and control the world."

I say "How would we do that?"

He pulls out a poster and pins it to the wall. I sit up and he says "Okay, so first..."

*skip to a hour from now*

David walks in the apartment and says "Come on! I leave for one hour and this is what I come home to."

Alex says "We are raising a army!"

David says "So you got all of these bunnies and rabbits and let them roam the living room!"

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