It had taken me longer than I had anticipated to get out of the hospital wing, as Dr Augustine kept making numerous excuses as to why I had to stay. In the end my stubbornness and refusal to take part in any of his tests made him relent and he released me into Lolita's care. She was very sweet to me, showing me around and introducing me to the other Hybrids. She took me back to the common room and brought me some food. Not realising how hungry I was I dove in, not caring about the taste, just grateful that I could refuel my body. She sat laughing at me, as I devoured everything on the plate. Sobering, she said to me "There's others you know". Wiping my mouth I asked her what she meant, "Others that hate this" she gestured with her hands encompassing the room and the occupants. Not saying a word, I waited for her to explain.

"I don't know much different than here. I was born here and left to the care of the other Hybrids. But the ones that were born outside of the compound, talk about how life was for them." She watched my reaction, but I kept a blank face. "I don't want this life Reve, I'm not made to be a soldier". I grasped her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, "I've got a plan", and her face lit up with an incredible smile. We sat together as we discussed various strategies, she would introduce me to those she knew who wanted out. We'd approach them, and see what they thought. If what we hand in mind was going to work, we'd need the co operation of the others.

It was the next night that she introduced me to two other hybrids.

I'd notice that quite a few of the hybrids kept their distance from me, I wasn't sure if this was due to what happened with Rufus, or if they weren't inclined to welcome others in the same predicament that they were in. As it turned out, the two that Lolita introduced me too, weren't overly friendly. But then I wasn't too sure of what to expect either. Lolita would have won an award for playing hostess, she was nervous about the meeting but she was incredibly kind and attentive.

She introduced me to Lucas first. He was a foot taller than me, and his eyes reminded me that of a lizards. He was very tall and skinny, and he seemed to have a nervous energy about him, his eyes were constantly darting around the room. He acknowledged me with a nod, while he carried on scanning the room. Next Lolita introduced me to Amy, she again was taller than me, but seemed more sturdy and solid, where Lucas was tall and thin. She seemed to have a permanent scowl on her face, she inclined her head as introductions where over.

I was feeling nervous now. Having a clear plan in my mind was easy, carrying it out was a different matter. And here were two people who wanted the same thing, or so I hoped. Looking at those three pairs of eyes, I knew it was now or never.

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