Prologue 1

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May isang paaralan na Kung saan puro mafia at gangster
Ang napasok.kagaya ko,wait

I'm candy mae s. gomez

Isang nobody


Hindi ako nerd
Nagpanggap Lang.

Pero SA school Lang.

May gugulo sa masaya
Kung buhay.

Saakin iyan ang apat na grupo

Dahil lahat sila pinag aagawan

Lahat sila mga leader ng gang

SA school at sila Rin ang mang gugulo SA buhay ko.

Actually I'm a secret mafia queen.

And this my story

Inspired by meteor garden 2018
M.G.U - Mafia and Gangster
Written by Richell Montero9
All rights reserved . copyright

This is a work of fiction.
Names, bussiness,locates
And incidents are either
The product of the author
Imagination or used in
A fictitious manner.
Any resemblance
To actual person,living
Or dead or actual event
Is purely coincidental.

Plagiarism is a crime.

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