It was time to take Izara to her new home in Hogwarts.

My legs were getting really tired after the 5th floor. Draco was carrying Izara and humongous parenting book which would way the same as her, how is he not tired. We finally made it to the 7th floor, Severus's portrait was a few meters to the right from the top of the staircase. We walked over too him.

"Shoot! Mcgonagal never told us what the password was" I said.

"It'll be fine, I'm sure Snape will give it too me since this is his child" said a very matter-of-fact tone of voice.

"Yeah" I sighed.

We reached the portrait of Snape,

"Mcgonagal has just told me that she had forgotten to give you the password. It is Family, since you are one now even if it has my daughter in it and not an heir of your own." Said Snape not bothering to look at either me or Draco.

"Family" said Draco.

As soon as we stepped throughout the portrait Draco and I stared in aw. It reminded me so much of the Ravenclaw common room but it was all for us.
There were blue plush couches with bronze pillows, big comfy bean bags in front of a roaring fire on a fluffy grey rug. The walls were white with blue and bronze drapes hanging from wall to wall. There was a large oak table on the left side of the room which was obviously for dinners and studying. Three rooms were leading of from the main room. One was the doorway to the kitchen and the other two must be mine and Draco's room and Izara's nursery. Our room had the Ravenclaw crest on the door and Izara's had her name in colourful lettering.

We first went to our room, the colour theme was blue and grey. I loved it. There was a king sized four-poster bed and two blue chairs on a small bedroom rug. A wooden wardrobe was standing next to a detailed dressing table in the far left corner.I then ran over too the bed and plonked myself onto it. It was a waterbed!

"Ooooooooo it's a water bed" I squealed.

"You need to be a bit more quiet miss Granger, you don't want to wake up little Izara. Anyway, what's a waterbed?" Izara was stirring a little after my little outburst.

"It's the comfiest thing in the world."

Draco came and sat down next to me. As soon as he was on the bed Draco's eyes bulged with excitement.

"I LOVE IT!" Draco yelled.

Izara then started bawling her eyes out. I picked her up from Draco and started rocking her.

"Naughty daddy, he shouldn't have yelled like that" I cooed to her.

I then took her too the nursery next door to our room so she could sleep a little more. Her room was similar too ours except the colour theme was different. Purple and Grey. I placed her in the little white crib. As soon as her head hit the pillow her eyes shut tight.



Not again. This is second time she had woken up like this. You would think that she would be sleeping through the night by now but obviously not.

I got up from my comfy water bed and slumped out of the door to Izara's room. When I got there I was happily surprised. It was Draco with Izara in his arms. She looked tiny compared to him. I stood by the doorway seeing if Draco could Handel her. She rubbed her eyes with her arms and drifted if the sleep. Draco put Izara in her crib gently.

"Hi" I said." Your really good with kids."

"Yeah, she reminds me of my little sister" Draco stated.

"I never knew that you had a sister!"

"Voldemort killed her" he started breaking down in sobs.

"I'm so sorry" I said while giving him my best impression of a weasly hug.

"Rachel( pronounced Rar- chel) was only three when that BEAST (voldy) murded her! I HATE HIM!!!!!" He then broke down again.

"Come on Drake. Let's head to bed now, it's very early."


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