Chapter 4: Wait why is the straight line curving?

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After my play date with Furu-sama he would frequently visit us a lot mostly just to see me and would sometimes sleep over, and every time he comes to play Ken seems to be quick to intervene.

As for Sera the heroine she's been quiet lately along with my mother and father. I've been ignoring them so far but I still continued to observe them from afar.

Years have passed I'm finally 14 years old and nothing has yet occurred nothing any major except for small petty arguments against Sera which I always win. It was night time but I can't sleep knowing that something was up. Lately, the servants have been hectic to get something done and prepared even Edna needs to help them out which is why I haven't seen her lately

'---Moshi Moshi?' I laid up from relaxing position to hear static in my head 'c-can you hear me? Is this thing working?' the voice was finally clear without any statics "yes I can hear you God" I sigh as I hear them cackle 'I like that anyway how's my favourite homo- I mean homie?' did she just try to assume my sexuality?

"Things are going fine I'm getting along well with Furu and Ken" which causes the voice to chuckle viciously 'excellent' she purrs, "geez Mr Burn calms yourself, you're starting to sound like a fujoshi" with a snap 'what's wrong with being a fujoshi? anyway I want to let you know something before you reincarnated I've given you two gifts and my blessings-'

[First is the gift of the Uke/seme magnet]

[Secondly is the gift of the voice]

[Thirdly is my blessings to -------]

"Hm? God?" instead of hearing their voice the only thing I can is a buzz and a crash, then silence, the call came to an end "well that was weird but what was the last one she was going to say?" also what the hell is an uke and seme? Aoi always talks about those things before but I never understood what it means.

Before I could question anymore about the gifts and blessing a knock was heard on the door, in the middle of the night? that's suspicious. As I was about to start searching the room for a weapon a voice was heard "big brother? can I come in?" it was Ken's voice, with a sigh of relief "you can come inside" enter was Ken in his light blue PJs, he looked so cute you can literally eat him up "big brother can I sleep with you tonight? I'm scared to sleep alone" with his angelic face it's impossible to say no.

"you're 13 now shouldn't you be able to sleep on your own?" I said as he toddles over to my bedside "but I'm scared, big brother I think there's going to be a storm tonight" I look out the window to see rain clashing against the window with the wind pushing to get inside my room, this isn't the first time Ken has slept inside my room whenever there's thunder he would shake and cry somewhere no one would find him and I always be the first one to find him.

I sighed and scootched over and pat on the left side of the bed "quickly get under the blanket before I change my mind" without hesitation he jumps under the cover and made himself comfortable as if this was his room "thank you big brother" he giggles before giving me a kiss on the cheek "geez what did I say about saving your kisses for the one you truly love" Ken starts to bury his head under the cover a bit and whispered something I couldn't hear.

"What was that Ken? I couldn't hear you" he pops his head back up at me "don't worry it's nothing major" he flashes another one of his cute smiles, I couldn't help but feel my heart race because of that it makes me feel weird "Geez why do you have to be so cute for?" I said as I cover my face before I-





Wait what was that third option?

I started tickling him around the torso "haha wait, big brother stop!" as he was squirming around "Never!" I start laughing evilly and continued tickling him all around his upper body only to realise that I was on top of him looking down at his state.

Realising how I've accidentally made him into this state caused me to blush "ah I'm so sorry Ken" as I got off him and look the other way something to look at other than Ken, "haha big brother it's fine" as he laid up an embraces me while his uppe...

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Realising how I've accidentally made him into this state caused me to blush "ah I'm so sorry Ken" as I got off him and look the other way something to look at other than Ken, "haha big brother it's fine" as he laid up an embraces me while his upper body was still revealing "if it's big brother I wouldn't mind you seeing me in any sort of forms" I look back at him questionably.

I chuckled nervously "yeah, after all, I am your older brother," I said ever so proudly and yet for some reason he looks kind of sad and disappointed, "let's just go to sleep for now big brother" he smiles rather bitterly as he adjusts his clothes slips back into the cover.

"yeah let's do that" I follow along and slip under the sheets, I turn to sleep in a direction that has Ken nowhere in sight, for some reason I feel like it's dangerous if I were to look at him right now, just as I was about to sleep I felt a pair of slender arms wrapped around my torso "good night Alex" not big brother? that's what he usually calls me, "yeah good night Ken" as I turn around to face Ken and turned my arm into an arm pillow for Ken to sleep on while my other arm keeps him close, after a peck on his forehead I fell asleep with Ken in my arms.

End of chapter 4




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