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"Ash, Ash!" A voice brought me back to my senses.

"Seungmin?" I asked lifting my head off the nurses bed.

"You fainted during the test" he said handing me a bottle of water.

"Y-you're alive. W-we're alive" I said confused.

"You okay Ash?" He asked as I jumped up and hugged him.

"Wait where are we?" I asked pulling away.

"We're in school. District 8 where else would we be? Are you sure you're okay?" He asked placing a hand on my forehead.

"I-I'm fine- where are the others?" I asked and he furrowed his eyebrows in response. "You know Woojin, Minho, Changbin, Hyunjin, Jisung, Felix, Jeongin and.." I paused before saying the last name "Chan" I breathed out heavily after remember seeing him call my name as we jumped.

"You've met my friends?" He said confused as I grabbed my bag.

"Let's go to the ware house" I said ready to leave.

"I thought you said you didn't know my friends" Seungmin said walking out of the room at my side.

"Are you kidding me? We did so much together but I don't understand how we're alive"

"You must've hit your head pretty hard when you fainted huh" he laughed and I thought it best to stay quiet.

It can't have been a hallucination everything I felt was so real. I felt real pain, real confusion and the real feeling of losing someone. 

We arrived at the warehouse and Seungmin did the coded knock and Hyunjin answered the door narrowing his eyes at me when he opened it.

"Who are you?" He says and then my heart broke. They really don't know me.

"My names Ash, I'm Seungmin's friend" I say offering him my hand to shake it.

He claps hands with mine and nods. "I'm Hyunjin" he says welcoming us in.

"I know" I mutter under my breath

"Pardon?" He asked looking down at me.

"Oh nothing I was just talking to myself" I say and he shrugs walking ahead of us to the sofas.

"Stop laughing I'm being serious" Chan laughed obviously trying to tell the remaining boys an extravagant story.

I looked at him and my heart dropped to my stomach. He looked so, so healthy. With his black hair styled to the side and wearing a large oversized hoodie. I wanted to run up to him and hug him.

So I did.

"You're okay" I said whilst I was hugging him and he just laughed.

"Um yes. And you are?" He said and I quickly pulled away.

"Ash. Ash court." I said still not being able to stop smiling.

"Well I'm Chan. You know people normally do this part before they hug like they haven't seen each other in weeks." He said laughing.

"I'm sorry it's just-" I started laughing awkwardly.

"Guys my mum is infected" Jeongin said dropping his phone and making us all look at him. My stomach fell and I got an overwhelming sense of nausea.

No. I won't let that happen again. No matter what it takes. I'll protect my friends with all I have. Even if they don't remember me.


A lot of you asked for an epilogue so here it is.

Thank you for loving this book and it's characters until the very end.

~ Amelia <3

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