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Annabeth has been acting strange the past week, always in the dormitory, secretly stealing food off the table. I know, people get hungry at night, but that doesn't mean she has to steal the food in secret. Also if she is eating food at night I wAnT soMe!!!!!

Anyway, so yeah she is being strange...

"Arrrrrrrrrrrr....I hate this day," Thalia complained. Today we had Transfiguration after breakfast, than charms and now we are about to go for a double Defence against the dark arts.

"Same," Jason says.

"I think it is good, we get the subjects that benifit our learning the most." Points out Annabeth, Hermione nods her head to agree with her. 

"But it is sooooooo boring, " Percy says.

"Oh, be quiet Seaweed Brain." The rest of the walk to DADA is silent. We walk into the class and I froze in shock. The others kept walking as if they didn't see it. It was like a thick layer of icing to cover up the burnt cake underneath.(I have done that before, icing is the perfect cover up for a messed up cake)The layer shimmed slightly.  I decided to take my seat and pretend that everything is normal. 

But, I must say it is hard when your DADA teacher is a Titan covered in mist. 


Sorry for the short chapter, I promise you the next one will be longer- Cecilia.

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