•Twenty One•

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Third Person POV
You were at your office, working as usual. Everyone treated you the same. It was just that, you couldn't trust your memory anymore. Your office had been shifted to Chanyeol's office building, so it was easier for you two to commute.

"Good Morning Y/N!" Lisa greeted you as she entered your office.

"Hey! Lisa... I have been meaning to ask you.... Who is this Jimin? I have been recieving a lot of mails from him. Is he someone important?" You asked.

Lisa stuttered for a second.

"Y/N.... Jimin is your-"

"Good Morning Y/N! How are you?" A man walked in with some roses in his hand.

Lisa gasped and you jumped in your seat.

"Y/N. This is Jimin." Lisa said. You did recognise the man from the hospital.

"Ah yes. I am aware of the fact that this man is Jimin... But what does he have to do in my business?" You questioned.

"Ah well... Mrs. Park. I would like to tell you that I am holding a huge part of the company that you are running. In fact, it is my company. Its just that I have handed over around 75% of its ownership to you and Mr. Park. All of the emails you are receiving from me are regarding the ownership of the company. I am going to claim back the 50% of ownership from you and Mr. Park, so please be present at my office today at 5. My lawyer will be there." He said and gave a sweet smile.

"Wh-What?? 50%! But how? We are completely against this. We won't sign any papers." You stood up.

"Oh well, I am sorry to break it to you, but when Mr. Park was signing the papers for the ownership, he missed a clause. In short, it stated that if in any circumstances, I, Park Jimin, blah blah blah can claim the 50% ownership back at any given point. Not my fault he didn't read it properly."

Chanyeol barged in and saw Jimin standing there.

"Mr. Jimin Park. What are you saying? There was no such clause in the agreement." Chanyeol said.

"Well, read it for yourself."

Chanyeol read the agreement and spotted the clause. Jimin pointed towards it and then pointed at Chanyeol's signatures.

"Hmmm.... It wasn't wise of you to sign without reading. Come to my office at 5."

With that Jimin walked out of the door, but stepped back to look at you. You looked at him with your innocent eyes. He winked at you and left. For a moment, you travelled back in time. His eyes were very much familiar.

"Y/N." Chanyeol shook you by your shoulders to bring you back to reality.

"Huh- uh sorry."

"No, I should be sorry. I should have read it properly." Chanyeol said.

"Chanyeol.... Where is my wedding ring? And where is yours??" You asked suspiciously.

Chanyeol and Lisa stared at you in terror. Both of them knew you both weren't actually married.

"Haha! Y/N, how could you forget? Remember, you wanted us to have those new edition gold love rings? I have ordered them. They will be arriving soon." Sweat ran down Chanyeol's face.

You nodded and thought you must've forgotten.

You and Chanyeol got off your car and walked towards Jimin's office building. You felt nostalgic.

Hard metal started playing in your mind.

"Where is that rat?!"

"I applied way before your birth you tin can!!"

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