Chapter 4

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Argent POV

After the very obvious, over the top greeting we received on arrival at BetaStone, we started our tour. I mean, they may as well have been holding a banner that read "we want your money".

I think that would have been a fuck load easier than putting up with this fake bullshit. They were being so nice to dad. The over the top kiss-ass attitude was getting on my nerves. Even he was hating it. I could tell. He wore his fake smile just as well as he wore his custom tailored suit. Taught.

Our pack was wealthy. Very wealthy. And they knew it. But we got that way by being money smart, by pooling resources and playing it safe.

This was absolutely a cash load well spent already though, in my opinion. Anything to save Amalie. And anything that has the potential to protect us from this ever happening again is worth its weight in gold.

Dr Jasper says he may have the answer.

He also wanted to talk to us about other testing ideas today too. He had some grandiose plan for making the pack stronger and he had some ideas he wanted to run past dad, or so I overheard him saying this morning on the phone.

I'm not sure how keen my dad was on turning the money we gave to the centre into a lab rat situation but it can't hurt to hear what the good Dr has in mind.

I hope it's some kind of super weapon to wipe out vampires. But nothing has ever been discovered over all these years of conflict. There is nothing in any of our pack literature that talks about weapons of vamp mass destruction, so whatever Dr J has in mind is completely new and unfounded.

That is exactly the kind of thing our pack invests in. But tests? That's new for us. And what does he want to test? On who? I guess we will find out. Dad needs to make sure it's all above board and legal. "Honour before All". Like he always says.

We follow one of the therapists down the hall as she makes her claim for the other funding amounts we have offered on the side . She wants to use a part of it for art class for the kids, to extend her materials to help get their minds off being ill and tune them into doing something fun, or so she says. I can see how that would be nice.

This place is depressing. All the kids here look doped out of their minds or scared. I feel bad for them actually. And this place kind of gives me the creeps.

We finally make it to the art class and she ushers us in. We have a whole heard of med students with us today for the tour also.

I almost bump into one as I stumble in the door, in the middle of politely answering one of Miss Hames many questions since we arrived.

She introduces me to someone sitting in the back row of the classroom alone. I hadn't even noticed her sitting there.

The small girl, who looks to be around 16 or 17, is peacefully painting a landscape and it's actually pretty good. That's a surprise.

She looks up as we enter the room and I gasp aloud as she locks eyes with me.

My wolf knows her immediately.

"Mate" he shouts in my head and my own voice echoes his on the outside.

"Mate" I say out loud, just enough for her to hear. And loud enough for dad to notice.

She looks confused but does not break our stare.
She is beautiful. She is breath taking. Literally.

Dad coughs from behind me and taps me on the shoulder. My wolf doesn't want to break my line of sight with her but dads coughing persists and I turn and face him.

"I'm happy for you but Not now son" he nods subtly to the others in the room. Humans.

He says it with authority and I know enough not to argue.

Miss Hames stops chatting with the students and continues. She introduces us to my gorgeous mate.
"This is Aidalyn" she says and introduces dad and myself. I have stepped forward towards her without even realising.

"Nice to meet you" I say and offer my hand to her.

She pauses and I take that moment to look at her closely. She is more radiant than anyone I have ever met before. She has beautiful almond shape, deep brown eyes and long dark hair. I can't believe how stunning she is.

She speaks and her voice is high pitched and soft.
"Ah, sorry, please call me Aida and it's nice to meet you too"

Aida. I like it. It suits her.

She takes my outstretched hand and as soon as our hands meet the unmissable shock goes through us both. I have only ever heard about how it feels to make first contact with your mate.

Like lightning,  in a split second it moves throughout your whole body, settling in your soul.
It leaves a permanent change. An altered existence from the moment you meet.

I have no doubt that she is mine. I feel content for the first time in as long as I can recall.
But why does she look confused?
She pulls away and looks almost scared. Does she not understand?

I try to mind link with her but I cannot reach her? That's odd. I can smell her. I'm sure she is a wolf but something is off... distant. Something isn't quite right. A disconnect of some sort.

Before I get a chance to ask anything dad shuts it down and indicates it's time to leave. He mumbles some niceties to Aida and walks out.


I look at her face and try to commit it all to memory. I'll come back before we leave.

What am I thinking? I have to will myself leave her side. My mate. Here. In this place. As a patient. It hits me. I need to know everything now. I need to help her.

I reluctantly follow dad out the door.
I turn back to her.

" I'll see you again soon. Aida"

I mean it. I'm going to find out all about her and get her out of here, take her home with me. Where she belongs.

Aida. My Aida.

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