Mikolay & Julia Meet the Fairies

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Mikolay and Julia live in the same neighbourhood and go to the same school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every other weekend they attend the Magical Weekend School for children of magical creatures. Julia really likes school, and she is one of the top students. But Mikolay wouldn't mind if there weren't as many Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays as there are. He doesn't mind the weekend school because he is allowed to do lots of magic, which he really likes and is very good at. When Mikolay and Julia are not at school, they usually go off on exploring and adventuring.

Mikolay and Julia's mummies are both witches and are in charge of fixing things. Mikolay and Julia don't quite know what the job involves but it must be hard because both mummies don't spend much time at home, which gives Mikolay and Julia plenty of opportunities to explore.


"I want to show you something," said Mikolay when Julia walked through the door.

"Does it mean trouble again?" asked Julia watchfully, while following him around the corner. "I'm still not allowed to eat sweets after the last trouble we got into."

Mikolay pointed to the mouse size hole in the wall and said, "This is where we are going to go."

"But we are way too big," replied Julia.

"I know that. That is why we are going to use a bit of magic," said Mikolay smiling while pulling his wand out of his left sock.

"If you use magic outside of school we will get into even more trouble than before. They will lock us up, and there will be no sweets and no adventuring ever again," protested Julia.

"We have to practice, don't we? Besides, we're at home, so nobody will ever see us doing magic," said Mikolay. But Julia wasn't convinced. "Come on Julia, it's going to be fun, and there'll be loads of new books for you to read." Mikolay touched the wall with his wand while saying "Eis Roto Onac" three times and grabbed Julia's hand. Within seconds they were both transported through a very narrow tunnel into an amazing room.

The room was full of magical objects, animals, photographs, paintings, strange looking plants and many flying books.

"This place is fantastic," gasped Julia in delight.

"I only found this room a few days ago, and it seems that it keeps changing every time I come," said Mikolay.

But Julia didn't hear Mikolay. She was already exploring a huge bookshelf. When Mikolay noticed that Julia was gone, he wandered off too.

However, he didn't get very far when he heard singing voices coming from somewhere in the room. Because he couldn't see anything, he kept on walking following the sounds.

"Quickly, come over here," Mikolay called, looking at the huge wardrobe.

"I'm way too busy at the moment," replied Julia reading a huge book on oriental plants.

"Come on, this is a real adventure I have here," screamed Mikolay again, this time more impatiently.

Julia put her book down reluctantly and went to find Mikolay.

"But this is just a wardrobe," said Julia quite surprised that Mikolay had even bothered her.

"I think someone is singing inside the wardrobe. Can you hear that? Let's open it," suggested Mikolay and without much thinking, he pulled his wand out, touched the wardrobe's door and said "Eis Izras" three times. Slowly the wardrobe's door opened.

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