Couple Arguments

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It was well into the day when Clarke woke up from a wonderful nap and when she felt an arm around her, she knew exactly the reason for that happiness. "Hey, sleepy head. We need to wake up. We should be leaving soon." Lexa said to her ear and Clarke turned around and faced her, their noses touching with how close they were. "I love waking up next to you." Clarke said sweetly and Lexa smiled. "I love every second I spend with you as well." She said to her girlfriend and they smiled. "Today, we would have been chasing Whitman with a destroyed village and filled with guilt." Clarke said to her and Lexa agreed as the blonde continued,

"But now we are here. We have so far saved everyone, got rid of the missile and all we have to do is wait for Bellamy and Raven to disable the acid fog and this nightmare will be over, once and for all." Clarke finished saying smiling and the brunette nodded smiling too. "We can do this, Clarke. I know we can. All we need is two more days." She said to her and Clarke nodded. "There is actually something I wanted to ask you." Clarke said to the brunette. "Go ahead. Ask me anything." Lexa said sweetly. "Has Luna ever left the rigs before or does she stay there only?" Clarke asked her and Lexa frowned.

"Why are you asking that? Did something happen between you and Luna?" She asked her frowning and Clarke smiled shaking her head. "Not with me. With Raven. They kind of connected before, just like you and me and Raven wants to know how fast she can try to have that with Luna again." Clarke said and Lexa was shocked. "Luna and Raven?" Lexa asked her and Clarke nodded her head. "Yep. So?" Clarke asked and waited. "Despite being considered a traitor of the blood, Luna is free to walk since not many people actually know she is a nightblood. Thing is she doesn't like coming out of the rig or coming to Polis, said it brings back things she want to forget." Lexa explained to her.

"She went crazy by the end." Clarke said out loud and Lexa frowned. "What do you mean?" she asked her girlfriend and Clarke sighed. "When we found the bunker before Praimfaya hit, we couldn't agree on who would take it so since my mom had cracked the nightblood solution and had made me one, I thought if I became Commander, I could get the clans to listen and start working together, like you did, but Roan stopped me and instead proposed a conclave to decide. The winner's clan would take the bunker." She explained as Lexa listened.

"Who fought for Trikru?" Lexa asked her. "Pio." Clarke answered and the brunette shook her head. "Arrogant, temperamental. I bet he went after the Ice Nation first. He hates them." Lexa said and Clarke nodded. "Roan was their champion and killed him quite quickly." She said and Lexa nodded. "Obviously. Who fought for your clan?" Lexa asked her and Clarke smiled. "Octavia, the SkaiRipa. Death from above, as they came to call her." She said and Lexa nodded. "Octavia is a good warrior but she has yet to learn a lot, including obedience." Lexa said to her and Clarke smiled, ain't that the truth?

"Thing is Octavia actually won. Of course, she didn't fight everyone but she was the last one standing and she killed Luna. Praimfaya had killed all of her people and Luna decided that we all deserved to die and promised that if she won, everyone would stay out of the bunker to die. But she was the one who died, instead." Clarke exaplined and Lexa nodded at what she was saying. "Remember when I told you that she doesn't know how to handle her darkness?" Lexa asked her and Clarke nodded thinking of the conversation they had on the valley. "Yes, I do. What about it?" She asked Lexa.

"I think maybe Raven can be the key to that. I didn't know how to handle my emotions very well and you changed that for me, you changed me for the better. Maybe Raven's love can do the same for her. Show her a better way to live. And don't worry, they will meet soon. Once the battle is won, there will be a feast and a celebration in Polis with all the clan leaders, the real ones this time though Nia won't come. She never does but I will make sure to get Luna to come and you bring Raven and we let her do the rest." Lexa said to her and Clarke smiled.

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