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Y/n's POV
Urgh!another day,but wait there's school today...right? My thoughts were stopped when the door opened"y/n,wake up we have school today"I think it's solar so I opened my eyes and yawned"what time is it?..."I asked while getting off of my bed"5:00"he replied....WHAT THE-its too early I said to myself and went to the bathroom

I weared my uniform and went out of my room,instead of hearing a good morning I heard screams"BLAZE,COME BACK HERE!"lightning yelled while running after blaze"shut up.....it's too early!"Ice said while yawning he saw me and smiled sleepishy"morning,y/n"he greeted"morning ice!"I greeted back"breakfast is ready!!"quake yelled down the stairs

I quickly ran down stairs"STEP ASIDE MORONS!!!,IM HUNGRY!!!"I yelled while the others were looking at me"ok..."they responded I started eating,when I was done I got my backpack and went to the door

"COME ON GUYS!!"I yelled in excitement while the others just stared at me with 'what the hell faces'

"Fine"they all gave up.all of us were walking to our school until I forgot something"I think I left my....notebook,well I better go back"I said but lightning held my hand

"I'll get it for you"he said while blushing"r-really?"I stuttered"yeah"he replied then he used his lightning move and slowly disappearing

"Quick question (y/n)"solar said
"Hmm?"I hummed in response"your not gonna get embarrassed while introducing yourself?"solar asked"no,not at all infact I'm super excited!!"I exclaimed while smiling at them

"Here you go.."lightning handed my (n/c) notebook.i hugged him and smiled"your a life saver~"I thanked him,he patted my head in response

"Let's continue our journey then!"I pointed forward.we reached our destination a.k.a my new school!!!!

"It's pretty big!"I stated"I better get to the principal's office first"I added and walked there....you may be wondering how I knew where the principal's office is located to answer the question I know everything :)

"(Y/n) (l/n),it's nice to meet you...please here's your schedule and quake will guide you to your room"the principal explained"yes,sir"I closed the door and saw quake smiling

"We sure have the same room"he said while leading me to our room"yeah...and sorry I didn't even tell you my story when I got here"I apologized,he smiled and patted my head"it's alright maybe another time!"he said,as we enter the classroom I saw a fat man.....weird

"You can introduce yourself now!"the teacher said I nodded and looked at my classmates

"Morning everyone,My name's (Y/n) (L/n) but you can call me (n/n)! It's nice to meet all of you,well first of all I'm from magnolia,my hobbies are (hobbies/name),I hope we can be friends!"I bowed and smiled all of them were clapping while the others were blushing

"You can sit next to solar then!"teacher said,then solar raised his hand I walked to the seat teacher assigned me"told ya I can handle it"I whispered to solar while he smiled in response

Timeskip:after school

I was organizing my books in my locker until I heard someone yelling my name

"(Y/N)!!!!!"what the hell!!!"don't shout!"I yelled back then rain started pouring on the roof"good thing we got our umbrella's!"they all said'well sheet I didn't know it was going to rain!!

"Wanna share?"yaya asked I shook my head in no"well how are you going outside?"ying asked"I have my ways!"I said and ran outside while they followed me

"Ice make, umbrella!"I made an ice umbrella....it won't break that easily"wow...cool!!"gopal said in amazement"well let's go you slowpokes!!"I said and ran away from them

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SLOWPOKES!!"they all said and started chasing me all our us started laughing while running

"Admit defeat!!"I said while sticking out my tounge"never!"they replied while laughing

Ara,sure a rainy day to start my day,well I hope tomorrow is a better day!!!with my new friends!!!!!

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