Chapter 1

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Rowan's POV:
"Good morning" my husband greets me with a sweet kiss on the lips as I finish making breakfast and our kids lunches.

"Morning handsome" I smile and kiss him softly on his lips.

"Daddy" my daughter Aspen calls out for me.

"Yes baby" I answer while I place a plate down for her to eat.

"Can I go to the malls with my friend after school?" She begs.

"Who are you going to go with?" I ask already not liking the sound of this.

"Some friends from school" she says vaguely.

"What friends?" I prod.

"Daddy their are like eleven of them do I really have to list all their names?" She asked annoyed with my questioning.

"Yes if you want to go out then we need to know every person your going out with" Oliver chimes in.

"Fine, Samantha, Harper, Joana, Maggie, Kyle, Kayla, Lani, Mike, Hudson, Heather, Scarlett, and finally Maya" she huffs listing all the names.

"Nice try, but no. We heard you sneak those boys names in there, and a half the kids we haven't even met yet" Oliver says sternly.

"But Dad. I want to hang out with all my friends. I would be the only one not going" Aspen complains.

"If Sebastian agrees to go with you then you can go" I finalize their bickering noticing that Lucas was getting nervous.

Lucas is on the autistic spectrum. Which means he has a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.

He also has ADHD which stands for 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder'. Which pretty much means he has trouble with a lot of people, loud noises, talking in front of an audience and physical contact, like hugging.

"Morning Lucas" I greet him.

"Morning Daddy" he stats flatly and sits in his designated chair.

"Daddy it's three minutes till breakfast" Lucas reminds me. That's another quirk about Lucas. He is a time stickler. He likes to time everything he does. He's also incredibly smart and could do high school algebra since he was six.

"Okay buddy three minutes" I smile.

"Sebastian please come with me to the mall" Aspen begs her older brother.

"I can't I have football" he says without making eye contact knowing he would give into her begging.

"Please" she begs.

"Aspen he said he can't go. Baby it's probably better if you don't go after school anyways since you have cheer at five so that only gives you like a half hour to hang out at the mall" I inform while kissing her on the top of her head.

"Daddy" she whines.

"Do you need to go in the corner?" Oliver asks getting impatient with our fourteen year old daughter whining like she's three.

"Breakfast Daddy Breakfast" Lucas announces. Oliver smiles and gives Lucas his special blue breakfast plate for me.

"Thank you Dad" he Thanks and starts to count his grapes before he can start eating.

"Daddy they're only nine grapes! Nine grapes daddy" Lucas whines not liking the odd number.

"Lucas calm down. If you eat all nine I'll give you another one" Oliver stats firmly. The therapist says we need to have a routine with him but also small changes throughout the day. So Lucas will learn that it's not okay to throw tantrums when things don't go his way. So far it's been really tough.

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