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tagged by MamaWeAllShipPhan

1. i have a freckle on the iris of my eye
2. i really like lasagna
3. a girl i used to hate is now one of my closest friends. she hated me too a while back. then we found out we had a lot in common
4. i probably wouldn't be here if not for fob, panic, top, mcr, and plenty of others.
5. i cry/get teary eyed when i talk about things i stand for (equality mostly) and i'm against (how schools ignore suicide mostly)
6. i've never had a bean in my life
7. i'm not gifted with any instrument talent
8. my anxiety is an actual roller coaster
9. i still love spongebob
10. i'm very sensitive

you can't used children to make meringues. the kids aren't egg white
(props to you if you get that fob joke, credit to someone on tumblr)

someone runs away

uh so i don't like bothering people that don't follow me, so i'm just going to do 10 people that i follow and they also follow me.

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