Chapter 21; He's Back

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~Third Person POV Narrator~

After Olivia talked to her mother, she made her way back to Michael. "I am exhausted." She said. She sat next to Michael before looking him in his eyes and eventually laying in his lap. Within minutes, she was asleep. She had been crying so much that she couldn't even keep her eyes open anymore. Michael gently stroked her hair, relaxing her as she fell into a deeper sleep. Triniti saw that she fell asleep and decided to go to the cafeteria to meet with Jared. Michael quietly hummed to himself while continuing to stroke Olivia's hair.

~A Few Hours Later~

Michael had his eyes closed as he laid his head against the wall. He had fallen asleep a few minutes after Triniti left. Olivia began to finally wake up. She realized Michael's hand had been rested on her head and she grabbed it, holding it in her hand momentarily. She moved his hand and slowly began to sit up. Michael woke up and smiled. "Did you sleep okay, Liv?" He asked. "Yeah, you were very comfortable." She truthfully responded. She never let go of his hand, but Michael didn't mind. "Are you hungry? We should eat something." Michael asked. Olivia nodded. They both stood up and began walking to the elevator hand in hand. They were going to meet Jared and Triniti in the cafeteria to eat.
It took them about 3 minutes to find the cafeteria. They went inside and Olivia sat down with Triniti and Jared. Michael went on to order them some food.

~Olivia POV~

As soon as I got inside the cafeteria, I scanned the room for Trin. Once I spotted her I sat down and Michael offered to order us some food. "So how's Bryson?" I asked. "They said he should be out by tomorrow but his mom talked to the doctor and they are going to transfer him into a rehab center." Jared said. He didn't have an addiction though so I didn't see the need. "But he doesn't have an addiction?" I said. "His mom just wanted to make sure he is being watched at all hours of the day. She doesn't want something like this to happen again." He told me. I still thought that was something she could do, but I let it go. "Anything new on Momma?" Trin asked. I shook my head, "I wish. I want her to wake up so badly." I admitted. Trin grabbed my hand and caressed it in comfort. Soon after, Michael came over with the food. "I just need to eat something. I've been skipping meals ever since this happened." I admitted. I began eating just as soon as Michael put the food in front of me. Everyone could see how hungry I actually was. . .

~Michael POV~

I put the food in front of Olivia and she immediately began eating. I was shocked by how fast she was stuffing the food in her mouth. "Slow down, Liv" I chuckled. "You're going to choke!" I added with a smile. In that moment I noticed Jared lean over to Triniti and whispered in her ear, "probably not the first time he's said that to her." He thought I didn't hear him, but he said it loud enough for me to hear clear as day. I pretended to be clueless but I'm also sure Olivia heard him too. "Oh, gross Jared!" Olivia swallowed her food and blurted. I was right, she did hear him. Jared burst into laughter. Triniti lightly smacked his arm and Olivia faked a pouty face. How adorable. I continued to eat my food, however. We finished up our food and I cleaned up the mess. After that, we all made our way back into the waiting room. . .

~Narrator POV~

Olivia and Michael sat in two chairs by the door. Triniti and Jared sat across from them. They all carried on a casual conversation with eachother. Until someone interrupted them, "Hi Olivia." A males voice said. Olivia looked at the man who was standing in the doorway. Her mouth dropped to the floor and her eyes widened. She was shocked to see this man standing before her. "Dad?" She asked in verification. She wanted to make sure she wasn't imagining things. "Yes, honey. It's me." He said. She now wore a face of disgust. "Why are you here?" She snapped. "Woah, Liv. That's no way to speak to your father." He replied. "I don't have a real one, so again, why are you here?" She said. Her father smirked, "you know that your mother and I are still married, so they called me." He said. "Now, who is this?" He asked pointing to Michael. She didn't know how to answer. She wasn't sure if she should call him her boyfriend, teacher or housemate. She didn't think her father even deserved to know either way. "That doesn't matter. It's none of your business." She snapped. Her father shook his head and walked away. Olivia put her face in her hands and began to sob. "Are you okay, Liv?" Michael asked. "I can't believe he is here. He's only going to try to take me from my mother. He always does whenever he sees me." She said through her hands. Michael rubbed her back. "Well as long as your mother is in the hospital, you're staying with me." He assured her. He grabbed her and held her in his arms. . .

José left the waiting room and went to find the doctor. He wanted to see his wife. She tried many times to divorce him but he always refused. The reason she left him was because he was abusive towards Olivia and her. Verbally, and physically. He never showed any sort of care for them unless he needed something. "Excuse me, Doctor?" He asked. "Yes, sir?" The doctor questioned. "What room is Rosie Garcia in? I'm her husband." He asked. "Ah, follow me." The doctor replied while he led José to Rosie's hospital room. When they got there, José let himself inside. The doctor dismissed himself and continued his work back by the desk. José took a seat next to Rosie's bed. "Hello, darling. It's me, José. Too bad you couldn't be awake... I really wanted to see your reaction when I told you that I am taking Olivia from you. What a shame. . ." He whispered to her.

A/N: I know, another short chapter! I'm sorry! This time it was on purpose though! I felt that this chapter needed to be cut off here. I know it wasn't as interesting but I promise the next one will be intense! Let me know you're still reading, I posted 2 chaptera before this and didn't get as much feedback as I did before 💔 -B_R_I_A_♡

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