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i woke up with the sound of a voice in the speaker..

'were about to land in any minute..so please put your seat belts on'

as i put my seat belt on and we land
and i went out of the airplane

and i met the others

"hows the flight?"jin said and they all said how their flight was"how about u hyerim?"jungkook ask an thy look at me

"it was fine."i said and they look at me"only fine?"jin said and i just nodded and look down" why?"jimin ask

"Nah..its nothing lets go."i said and we all went out..and wait for our car ride..

/after 4 mins\
Our car is right here so we all went in..and i sit beside jimin and suddenly my phone starts to ring..i look at my phone and my mom was calling

Mom:hye rim ah..where are u?

Me:oh im in a vacation with my friends..and jimin oppa to..

Mom:oh okay..the visitors will come here next time bc his son is also in the vacation so yea..

Me:okay mom,hows you and dad?

Mom:here stuck in the office doing some paper works..

/And i give the phone in to a loud speaker so they all can hear\
Jimin:hi mom..!!

Mom:my jiminie..!

Dad:i miss you..

Me and jimin:me too dad..

Jhope:hi auntie and uncle...

Dad:aish..jhope how many times do i have to tell u call us mom and dad..and all the rest call us mom and dad..

Jungkook:yes dad

Dad:jungkook ah..take care of my sister bc jimin is scared if his little sister..

All(exept jimin):*laugh*

Jungkook:yes sir im going to take a good care of your daughter...

Mom:please all if u take care of my little babies...

Me and jimin:were not babies mom!

Dad:we know..okay we are busy today we will talk to u guys tommorow or later..bye


/call ended\

"Its nice to talk to your parents.."jhope said while smiling like an idiot..and we arrived on our hotel..

And we all came out..

"Oppa...please be my room mate"i ask jimin..and he look at me"sorry baby sis..im going to sleep by myself"jimin said proundly
"Tsk!i hope u got a nightmare!!"i said crossing my arm

"Jin oppa..be my room mate please"i said and he look at me and and make a sad face"sorry hyerim-ah maybe next time?"jin said

"Jungkook-ah..please be my roommate?"i said and he smile and nodded"okay..so stay close to me..okay?"jungkook said and i nodded and smile"okay.."i said

We both went to our room and wen we both went in i took my laptop and go to my bed and watch some youtube..vid..

/after 1 hour\
Someone suddenly opens the door thats make me and jungkook look at the door..and reaviling jin

"Hi jin oppa..what can we do?"i said while taking out my earphone.."oh..the others decided to go to the pool do u want to join"jin said

"Okay...oppa we both will be there in a minute.."i said and jin went out i took out my swim suit..and went to the bathroom..

/after changing\
I went out and see jungkook shirt less..

"Omg!!jungkook!!put your shirt on!!"i said while covering my eyes.."okay geez"jungkook said

"You can look now.."jungkook said and took my out hands in my eyes..and we both go to the pool..and i just sit there and i see jimin going out to the pool so the others too..

And suddenly they carry me and throw me to the pool..and heard the laughing

"Yah!why did u do that.."i said while going out to the pool.."just for fun.."jimin said and i dead glare him and he became silence.."okay..im done with this..im going to my room..bye"i said

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