Previously on the last chapter~~~~~~~

        Autumn felt like she needed to prove a point so she did what she knew would make them believe her. She brought out her wings and sighed, she never kept her wings hidden for so long, they were itching to be freed. Everyone in the room gasped except for Christopher of course, who was gauging everyone's reaction to make sure that no harm came to Autumn.

        As he looked at his mom, he saw Angel from the corner of his eyes touch her knife, and the action made Christopher stand in front of Autumn. 'Surely his sister wouldn't think to hurt Autumn, right?'

        Everything seem to still as he had a stare match with Angel as she picked up the knife.


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Chapter 5


"Let's eat." Angel said with a smile making Christopher almost trip on his own two feet in shock.

"Well, are you guys going to sit down?" Bella's said also smiling at the two standing up and they sat down warily, not sure what to make of the situation.

"That's so cool! So, what kind of fairy are you?" Angela said admiring Autumn.

"I don't really know any other faeries, so I wouldn't be able to tell you which one I am." Autumn sighed as she picked up her fork.

"What do you mean? didn't you grow up with others?" Bella asked with an eyebrow raised.

        Autumn wiggled in her seat as she swallowed her food slowly, she didn't like bringing up her past, because she barely knew who she was before the age of six, but she decided to tell them what happened. Her mind can only account the years from when she was six and stayed with a rabbit that welcomed her in its hole. The rabbit was old with its family grown and migrated somewhere else, leaving the old rabbit alone. Even though the rabbit didn't speak any languages, they understood each other very well, and Autumn helped the rabbit with anything she needed, and the rabbit provided her warmth during the night with its fur.

        Autumn was six when she had woken up one day, on a bed of straws with a massive migraine, and big furry animal appeared in front of her making her scream. She had calmed down when she saw it push a leaf cup towards her, filled with water for her to drink, and they had been together since then until the rabbit died when she was thirteen. It had saddened her, but she had to continue to survive on her own, she did stay in the rabbit’s home for a while, and made it a little more comfortable for herself. But one day, at the age of fifteen, she came from picking fruits, and she was shocked to find a garden snake soundly sleeping in her home. 

        Not sure if the scaly animal was aggressive, she gave up her home and went looking for another, she had stayed awhile in bird houses that she would find near the humans, and always made sure that the humans never saw her enter or exit them. Two years later, she had come across a tree with a hole big enough to fit a small animal, when she was looking for specific types of leaves to make cover ups for her small form. She looked in it and found that it already had a bed of straws in it, but it seemed abandoned, so she had lived there and turned it into a luxurious home since then.

        She had never knew she could become bigger, until on her seventeenth birthday, when she was startled by a dog barking at her, and she had gotten bigger on instinct. She was definitely scared of her new form, not sure how to turn back into what she thought was normal, but when she noticed the dog's owner calling for it, her panicking had brought her back to her small size just in time to escape the human's eyes.

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