It Begins (A Prologue)

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The fire kept burning everything that mattered to the man, but he had no more spirit to keep up the fight against the inevitable doom.

His aged body was broken, all his sacred words were spent, and the light of his faith had dwindled to a mere flicker.

"Feel the pain of time," said the Black Rider looming over the man's defeated form.

"Why?" The man thought. 

The Black Rider's oppressive shadow was snuffing out his warmth, faith and hope.

"Everything comes to null."

The man braved a glance into the rider's eyes and saw... nothing.

"What have we done?" He finally realised the truth of all his life lessons and what the amassed sins of humankind had brought about.

"Everything comes to null," the Black Rider spoke again as his shadowy hand pressed the man's decrepit forehead.

The man writhed about the ashen ground as he felt all the excruciating ages of his time reverting to null.

It begins.

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