Chapter Thirty One

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I was finishing off washing up the last of the mornings' dirty dishes, all four Babies asleep and Noah folding up a load of dried washing over in the lounge room, when the front door opened, letting a warm burst of drought stricken late March air into the otherwise reasonably cool house.
Zeus bounded into the house and made straight for the water bowl, panting heavily as he usually did.
Zuke immediately scrambled off the large Doggy bed, overjoyed that his friends had come home and rushed to greet Zeus while the other Dog had an apparently well overdue drink.
Azlan ambled into the house behind Blayze, the nearly 10 year old Kelpie looking far more weary than he ever had before, since recovering from the Snake bite.
I pulled the plug out of the sink drain hole and while the water raced down the pipe, I grabbed a tea towel to dry off my hands and turned around to face Blayze as he hung his Black Rough Rider up onto the row of hooks beside the front door.
"Everything okay?"
I asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.
I most certainly hadn't been expecting him back in the house so soon.
He turned his gaze in the direction of the lounge room, where Noah was the only human occupant and now Zeus and Zuke had joined her, flopping down on the large Doggy bed, then he brought his gaze back to me, walking towards the kitchen.
"Kid's asleep?"
He asked.
I nodded.
They tend to give in to an afternoon nap, after they've had their lunch.
It gives me a little breathing space and a chance to get a bit of real cleaning up done.
"Well that kind of throw's a spanner in the works..."
Blayze mused, bringing his elbows to rest on the high portion of the nearest bench, which was almost tall for me, but an easy resting place for him.
"What spanner in what works?"
I asked, more than bewildered.
As far as I'd been aware, he had work to do outside all day...
"I wanted you to come outside with me, so we could take a look around."
He explained.
"Well we could go when the Boy's wake up?"
I suggested.
That would give me a chance to have some rest...
And then we'd get some outdoor family time together!
Blayze's frown hinted that he didn't entirely like that idea.
"Or I could listen out for the boys, if you're not planning on going too far."
Noah offered, twisting around to face us, one of the many baby blankets that live around this house in her hands.
"We'll be staying on property."
Blayze stated, shooting Noah a glance.
What could be possibly want to show me that we have here?
I'm fairly certain I've seen every inch of our plentiful acres...
Noah shrugged.
"Done deal then. I'll just call you if or when more than one of them wakes up!"
She chirped.
"What do you want to show me?"
I asked, raising a questioning eyebrow in Blayze's direction.
Blayze frowned.
"Stop askin' question's and hurry up and get dressed."
Bossy boots much?
"Move it!"
Noah urged, choosing to back him up.
I rolled my eyes, tossed the red and white tea towel onto the nearest bench and made my way out of the kitchen and into the hallway that lead to our bedroom.

Staying on the farm meant I probably didn't have to dress fancy, so I grabbed a pair of faded blue Wrangler jeans, that I didn't realise had a hole in the left knee until the pants were done up around my hips and I grabbed a light green Bullzye t-shirt from the drawers, that was actually for once one of my own!
I couldn't help but smile at my reflection in the mirror as I slipped a leather belt through my jeans belt loops, regardless of my torn jeans.
I'm officially back in my own clothes again!
Knowing Blayze would be twiddling his thumbs, I sprayed some deodorant under my arms, then grabbed my hairbrush to run through the long strands.
Knowing my hair gets too knotted up in a ponytail these days because of its new length and volume, I separated the lengths into three roughly even sections, then wove the pieces through the pattern of a plait.
Tying the hair tie into the end, I made my way back over to our chest of drawers and grabbed myself a clean pair of socks to wear.
I nearly toppled over more than once while pulling my socks on, because I refused to waste precious moments in going over to the bed to take a seat.
Next, I made my way over to our shoe box and tossed some shoes around until I found a pair.
They turned out to be my most loved, but extremely beaten up bright blue and warm brown Ariat's.
I pulled each shoe onto the designated sock covered foot and made my way back out of the bedroom to rejoin Blayze.
"Awe c'mon!"
I looked to Noah to see her throw her hands into the air.
I asked, a blush warming my cheeks in response to her disapproving frown.
"No sexy outfit designed to drive him crazy?!"
Noah asked, eyes widening.
Oh my god!
My stupid blush flared even warmer, my embarrassment growing tenfold.
I flipped Noah the bird and turned on my heel to walk towards where Blayze was still waiting at the kitchen bench.
"She looks pretty damn perfect to me..."
Blayze remarked, his deep blue-green gaze observing me from head to toe.
If anything, his gaze and his words had my blush flaring even warmer than Noah had.
"You two are insufferable!"
I looked over my shoulder at Noah to see her turning back around to snatch the apparently now empty laundry basket off the coffee table.
"You ready?"
I turned back to Blayze to find he was of course impatiently waiting.
What the heck did he want to show me so badly?
I rolled my eyes and stepped forward to link the fingers of my right hand through those of his left one.
"Let's go."
I agreed.
He nodded and pushed off from the bench to tow me towards the front door.
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"
In the doorway, I paused and looked over my shoulder to see Noah smirking at me devilishly before she disappeared into the darkened hallway, most likely to return the basket to the laundry.
I shook my head, then yelped in surprise when Blayze pulled on my hand, tugging me out of the house.
"Jeez! I'm coming!"
I glared at him, twisting around to grab the handle of the front door to close it.

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